Secret Conversation to Moon

This time, I am admiring the beauty of clear sky where sun is set. And stars are

ready to welcome the moon. I can see the entire changes from letting sun

down to moon arriving trough my room’s window. May be, now, I have entered

into the another world. I have lost myself in the imagination. I was dreaming to

spend a night under the clear sky with selected friends. But, suddenly phone

rang and I was come out of the imaginary world.

The call is from mobile company so I put phone on silent as soon as possible.

I just switch off lights of the room to enjoy that moment again. Now, the room

is too dark but moonlight is coming to my bed as window is enough big. I am

feeling something beyond the darkness. Neither I am sad nor happy. I have

nothing to worry or conscious as I have food, home, friends and family. I am

trying to enjoy the twinkling stars but suddenly a tear is rolled on my chick

from an eye.

It is too late to stop the tear. One by one, tears are coming and I am ribbing it. I

am failed to hide the pain that reflects in the tear form. Yes, I was broken from

inside that’s why I am crying.

Tears are just way to collect the pieces of heart. I am just collecting and saving

those heart broken pieces but I cannot resemble.

I am still looking outside the window. Now, moon is looking more beautiful and

twinkling stars are getting shinier. I was just amazed how everything changed

in few minutes. This time, I had no emotion no feeling. I was just watching sky

from the purest heart. I am ready to welcome everything; no matter how good

or bad the things will.

Now, I got the answer. This is the darkness that is responsible for increasing

the beauty of stars and moon. I just started counting the stars. I was trying to

find the shiniest star. It is amazing thing to do. I know, nobody can get the

answer but I am happy as I got the smile back on my face.

To make it more muddy, I just go to kitchen and make a strong black coffee. I

put the cup on the table which is next to window and near to my bed. A chair is

placed with table and window is big enough. So, I can easily capture the night

beauty while sitting on the chair too. Now I enlighten three candles and open

my diary. I love candles and flowers so it is always placed on my table.

I have started to reading old memories. This time, I am enjoying black coffee

too which I usually hate. Those are the good days of my life but now they had

gone. Now, I again put my eyes on the moon and decided to write only good

moments. No matters, how much time you re-read those moment; every time,

you will lost in that past. Now, I am happy as I have successfully healed my

pain. I don’t know, whether I am crazy or idiot, but I have decided to start some

secret conversation with moon. I am gladly telling it to moon with smiley face.

And in return moon is also passing smile to me. Don’t know, either it is my

imagination, prediction or realisation; but I can feel the smile while looking at



  1. You have written very well. Your writing skills are superb . You maintained flow in writing and that is good. I hope you’ll post more articles in future.
    Best Luck and keep Writing

  2. Your article is wonderfully written. You maintained flow in writing. Your presentation skills are really good. I hope you’ll post more articles in future.

    Best Luck and Keep Writing

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