Last Days of Hostel Life

My hostel life is going to be end, I said in soft voice while watching the movie- 3 idiots. 4 eyes have started to stare me. This time, I am not ready to tell that only 2 weeks is left behind out of 3 years. I know, I need to tell them as it is already late. I just let down the screen of laptop while thinking how to start this topic. Both of my roomies are waiting for my words.

But, I am still collecting the words. I continued, we have faced good and bad days together. I am not going to recall all those memories, I informed to them. But, I am thankful to god who blessed my life with you two idiots.

To lighten the conversation, I announced- I am not going to miss you for your love and care. But, I will miss you more for borrowing and lending the money.  I will not miss you for party but miss you a lot for your clothes and accessories. I will not recall the late night parties but recall the late night gossips.

We are not here to listen your nonsense conversation, one of my roomie interrupt me by saying such line. Another roomy joined her and say – yes, it is around 3 in the morning. Now we should sleep. I know, they need space and time to accept the truth. We three have are attached as siblings. More than this, we cannot imagine our life without each other. Nothing in the world can replace our place in each other’s’ hearth.  But, in life, we cannot make the time constant.

One of my roomy switched off the light without asking anything. We three try hard to sleep but we are lost in old moments where we were together. One of us broke the silence by sharing her experience.

She started – we entered in the hostel with sad feeling as we have no friends. We miss family and old friends a lot. We have nothing apart from our loneliness. But, we face everything alone. We meet with new people. We interact with them. We started to love their company. We become friends. We shared all our stuffs. We create small world who love, care and protect us as family. We get addicted of each other’s company. We spend days together; no matter how happy and sad or how good and bad the days were. But, we create the memory for life time. Everything was going as good as it can be. But, one day, we have to separate from each other. Because, it is the rule of hostel life that you will end up everything here only.

After leaving the hostel, we don’t know, when we will meet. And spending a night together will become a dream. We don’t know whether we will complete are dream or not. But, surely, we have no such touch and feel after leaving the hostel.

We may make plans to travel or spend some days at one’s house. But, it will be just substitute of our hostel life not the replacement. So, it is better to spend last days together. And, make these days as much joyful as we can!


  1. Good article ..! Hostel Days were the best days in my life . I did lot’s of things good , bad and ugly too . Many moments came in hostel days which are embracing at that time but when i look back now those were the most funny moments..

    Good Luck ..keep writing

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