Happiness and Food

Some believe in- money can buy happiness, others say- the power of positive thinking. What’s your opinion? Don’t you think Happiness and Food have some connections?

I treat food as a good but sometimes it becomes my best friend! It is easy to reach for chocolates and cookies to keep bad mood away, to go for coffee at the favourite coffee shop when the day is stressful, happy to have a pizza party after completing a difficult assignment, dig into ice cream with love one for anger management or simply wolf down a cheesy burger in between appointments.

Just recall a wedding ceremony of your best friend or cousin, favourite date, a birthday celebration, or a few minute conversations with your school or college friends. Memories on the food will be common to recall.

From sharing tiffin boxes, having dinner at expensive hotel to making wrong food choices you have created lots of small memories. And those small memories are making your life rich with lots of funny, unforgettable or untold experiences.

Memories of food are extremely powerful.  I go for eat samosa with tea when I remember my best buddies of hostel time. There was a “chai wala” in front of our hostel and we discussed every detail on his small set up. Now days are gone but to refresh memories I just enjoy that combination. It gives me inner happiness.

Everybody among us has missed someone at least once in the life after seeing pizza, coffee, sandwiches or chats. We make eating decisions based on our memories. Even, some people not only fixed their shop for particular item but also fixed their table.

Well, it’s also a sad fact that comfort food is not good for the health. But you have no need to be upset. You can make happiness by food. What you need to do is start cooking…

Ask your dear one to join you in kitchen. Either tries something new to cook or make your mater dish and Surprise your love ones. This will be added as wowing experience in your Unbox Diaries!


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