A letter to Mind

Dear Mind,

I am happy to see you after long time! But where were you busy when I needed you the most?  Why are you here after leaving me alone in the dark?

There were many nights when I laid on the bed to cry. My pillow and blanket are the eyewitness of those tears. Have you little idea how did I manage my heart, my feelings and my loneliness? Do you have any idea how hard the hurt was? No one knows accept my innocent heart and purest feelings.

You know, I thought to paint a picture of my true feeling so that whenever you will; I will show you the picture and you will calculate how hard the time was. Whenever I feel down I will show it to myself and it will give me motivation and strength. I wanted to paint a picture of that pain. But, every time when I took the brush in hand, I was failed to choose a single color.

Oh my Mind, if you were there than you could create a color that will be hot enough to show my anger, burning pain and hopelessness. I know you can create a color that will be bright enough to tell loudly about my depression, self-blame and disbelief.  And of course, it is very easy for you to create a dark enough color to show much isolated I was.

But, the truth is, Mr Mind, you we not there to handle my emotions. Even, Mr Heart was asking- Why you left us? Yes, you have depressed us. We gone to many daily struggle and ended everyday with tears.

Now it is my humble request to you Mr Mind, please stop yours’ over thinking. I have a need of sound sleep to recover from all the stuffs.


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