A Lot can Happens at Dad’s Friend House

She laughed and said- Cinderella never asked for prince; She asked for a night off and a dress. She continued- We can have anything we want in the life if we dress for it. And I was amazed how much craziness she has for clothes.

To continue the conversation, I shared my reading knowledge. Somewhere I had read – A woman’s dress should be like a barbed-wire fence; serving its purpose without obstructing the view. And I asked why no such quotes for men.

She laughed at me. And we started making foolish conversation on men and women dressing sense. Microwave started sounding as 20 minutes is over. Thank god, it interrupted our silly conversation. Now pizza is ready she said in cherish voice. I thought a delicious pizza is waiting for us. She started to serve pizza and asked me if I can make coffee for both of us. I nodded.

I was surprised with the serving manner of pizza in such short time. Hardly I spent 10 minutes in making coffee and she put a white cover on the table and placed a plotted plant centerpiece.  Napkins are folded properly near the two white plates. More than, knife, spoon and fork all are tie in one.  Sometimes, I decorate my own table she said while putting 3 message jars on the table.

A girl can do anything. And we guys cannot beat girls in the creativity I said in serious way. She again laughed and asked me to enjoy pizza and coffee as it was getting cold. Suddenly she stood and walked to her room and come back with a table standee. Oh god, how one can interrupt the delicious pizza just to take a standee.

Coffee is quite good she complemented me in kidding way while adjusting the standee. Well, I have no idea about all of the decoration. But, this time I was impressed with the words on standee. Don’t limit your happiness for one hour – such a beautiful quote.

I asked why did you do all as we met first time. May be we will not going to meet again. I just came here for my exams and tomorrow I will go. Of course, it is my dad’s close friend house. But I have visited very first time. Oh god, how I can forgot to call dad. Now, what I will say I am alone with their friend’s daughter or she has made pizza and decorated the table for me. Oh no, I think I should not call dad at this time. I was talking with myself.

And, she was laughing at me and said stop behaving like monkey. She continued- sorry to say but you are so funny.  And, I replied, have you any idea what my parents will think about me. Even, my dad has full confidence that I forget everything when I am with girls. But in reality, I never spent an hour alone with a girl before today.

And she was laughing like I was telling a joke. She hardly controlled her laugh and said me- stop your funny drama. What, I am doing drama- I said in angry voice and she started laughing again. I started to stare at her laugh and finally she controlled. Now she said, mom dad can come back to home at any time so we should remove all the decorations. I can understand as it does not look good. We finished our pizza and coffee as soon as possible and clean everything from crockery to table.

Can I ask you sometime- I asked her. She looked at me, smiled and nodded. Well, I am little confused about changes in your behavior. When I was entered in your house you were sad. After few minutes later, you started answering my questions. Then, we spent moments like we know each other’s from several years. And again, now you are sad. Why such mood swings. I asked her in friendly way. And she said, we have spent good time. So, we will discuss it later if we meet again. She said in joyful way. Further she continued that she have to call her friend. She has invited her friend as her father asked her before leaving the home. No father is comfortable to leave his daughter alone with a male friend.

My friend will join us hardly in 15 minutes she said while hanging up the phone. She asked me to keep my mouth shut as nothing has happened. Laughter burst as both of us cannot control. And then she asked me to open my book. Her friend had come within 5 minutes but I was busy in pretending like I was studding. But, my mind was busy in memories those moments. I was praying hard to god- please send her parents somewhere for tomorrow also.


  1. Feels like it’s real life experience. Well written!!

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