6 Habits of Highly Successful People

How fortunate we are as we live in the era where camera to alarm is at palm reaching distance! And technologies are like the tip of an iceberg as Technologies are really doing well to make our life more simple, easy and fast and comfortable.

When we talk about technologies than how we can forget the big names- Steve jobs, mark Zuckerberg and bill gates. Well, Wikipedia is enough to tell about them but still we can’t resist our self from telling a well-known truth. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg are such billionaires who never graduated from college.

But we forgot to mention other truths. They studied to learn and the college was Harvard. Finishing college and getting good grades were never ever in their list. Well, dropping out from college and having bad grades is literally looks cool but it is more serious than our imagination. Abraham Lincoln, Henry Ford, Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, Bill Gates, Tomas Edison had no college degree but still they people have done enough to educate children. Maybe, they are familiar with the value of education.

We don’t know how much time will be required to make the list of dropping out students from college. But, dam truth, their life is not pretty enough like such big names. Getting good grades and being the part of some extra circulars’ activities are essential to survive in todays’ world.

What changes we need to make is giving some space for great books. Like, we have academic, profession or religious books. And, of course, most of us read some famous or favourite novels. But what about business adventures and business lesson book? Make a room for such books if you really want to get succeed in life.We hardly read 5 – 15 books in a year apart from academic, professional and religious section. Worlds’ richest men read around 300-500 pages daily and average CEO read 2-4 books per month. Now, it on us how much importance we will start giving to books and how much time we can make for reading.
Reading is not enough. They believe in respecting each other. Whether it is Bill, Zuckerberg or other highly successful people there are number of things they do        daily.                                                                                                                                                        

  • Plan Future: Highly Successful people always believe in making their plan before going to sleep. Yes, they know what they have done today and what they need to do tomorrow.


  • Morning Bird: Highly successful people not only leave the bed early but also go to bed early. Daily exercising choosing healthy breakfast and spreading happiness is the part of their daily routine. Also, they try to finish most difficult or prior task in morning.


  • Connecting People: Highly successful people pay attention more on people instead of devices. They remember one’s personal details like name and their profile. No matter whether they are business partners or rivals; they never finish meeting without small but meaningful personal statement.


  • Family Time: Whether it is Bill, Mark, Obama or other great personality, they don’t believe in finding time. They make time for family. No matter how hard or good the day was they don’t want to escape family time.



  • Follow Heart: Highly successful people know that Rolex watch, a piece of jewellery or any other expensive item can’t give them peace, happiness, success and love. They do what they love to do. Therefore, such people follow their heart in this crazy world. Also, they believe in kindness, humbles and humanity.
  • Walk while working: Highly successful people never skip to interact with team. They don’t make depended on team leader or manager only. They prefer to check what there is doing in as much possible way as they can.



  1. Great post! I have read several posts on habits successful people have but they are usualy very long and/or too difficult to achieve, but this is short and straight to the point!

  2. Nice article. Your words how successful people get time for everything moved me, I always skip works thinking I’m busy. Your article broke my believes, I’m going apply some of successful people habits.

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