Things you should Do before turning 30

1.  Start a workout routine.

It does not mean to spend few hour in gym or yoga place to get perfect shape of body. Well, studies have shown that start a workout routine not only improve the immunity system, reduce stress and anxiety and control mood swings but it also improve productivity, clears the mind to focus, increase energy level.

From slowing aging and improving skin tone and glow to flexible the body and reduce the risk of memory loss; there are number of benefits of having workout session in daily routine. Also, don’t forget from a celebrity and big politician to tech experts; all spend some time in workout session. This is the essential thing you should do before turning 30.

2.   Improve your wine knowledge.

Wine suits at every table. Yeah, it can convert your meal or meet-ups into occasions. Also, as you grow up in professional life or get older, then, you are going to be invited in more parties, meet-ups and events where wine will be served. Therefore, it is essential to increase the wine knowledge and food pairing. Even, you may get the opportunity to open a wine bottle. Therefore, you need to be familiar with wine. No matter, whether or not you are teetotaller but don’t hesitate to improve your wine knowledge. Improve your wine awareness before turning 30.

3.   Rage at a music festival.

What will it sound a 60 year old man has enjoyed full night music festival? Maybe it will sound awesome. But, what if I asked about energy level? Also, youth don’t want to mix-up with such an old age people so it is better to do it before turning 30. Enjoy the loud music, crazy dance and large crowd. Maybe, you are not partyholic but get lost in music festival at least once.

4.   Land your dream job.

Nowadays, getting a job is a big deal. And, if one ask about quitting current job just to find dream job sounds like nonsense. But, how will you spend your entire life without loving your job? Also, there will be a regret to not choose the dream job. Therefore it is always better to find a dream job in the early 20’s. At least you will have option to switch in other sector if your interest has gone or growth is slower than your expectations.
Also, you will learn lots of new skills and have number of experience if you do varieties of jobs. That will help you to find more about you.  It is the most important thing you should do before turning 30.

5.   Write a story.

Writing something like poetry or fiction stories not only boost creativity but also imagination. Also, if you are travel or cooking lover than you can surprise your world by sharing some tips or experiences. Take a pen and paper and start writing whatever comes in your mind. It will help you to find yourself. Include it in a list things which you need to complete before turning 30.

6.   Read, read, and read.

From famous CEO’s to well-known personality, all believe in reading. It is up to you whether you want to read fiction, business book or something else. But read something. Reading can boost your imagination, keep your brain sharp, help you to discover something new while sitting on the couch, and improve the communication skills. If you start reading and convert it into the habits than you are going to unlock the most exciting world. Yeah, from teen-ager to adulthood and senior citizen all can be a part of your circle. Start reading habit before your turn around 30.

7.   Indulge yourself in luxury at least once.

Whether it is a meal at five star restaurant, or a dream trip or shopping some luxury stuffs you should try it before turning 30. Sometimes, we don’t save for luxury, sometimes we don’t have budget and most of the time we ignore. But, believe me; try to create some luxury moment as it will amaze you for the rest of your life. How will you feel when you indulge yourself in luxury is hard to express by words but you will understand it’s value by experiencing such moments. Are you ready to this thing before turning 30.

8.   Rent a house with your friends.

Whether it is renting out a beach house, an apartment or cabin for skiing, don’t miss the opportunity to spend as much time with friends as you can. It will not only help you to save money and create memories but also it will make your bond stronger than before. Do it before turning 30 as in 20’s your energy level is at high. You are ready to accept new challenges, maybe, you will love to go for some adventures and have lots of stuffs to tell without realising that whole night is gone for sharing, listening and laughing on each other’s.


  1. I need to get wine knowledge, rest everything I had already done. Thanks dear for sharing an inspiring list. Happy blogging dear

  2. I loved the way you highlighted what should be done. I hope people will listen to your words and apply jt 🙂

  3. Lovely Post!! I just got a dip to nostalgia. I have done all of the mentioned things before I turned 30. While reading it, everything came in front of my eyes.. Lovely flashback feeling it gave me.

  4. Very good post. I This some really good information. I see I need to cross some more things off my list.

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