Secrets of teenage

I see guys putting enough efforts, spending weeks, months and using all the energy & potential to make a girl happy. And, I see girls waiting eagerly for a call from their guys only. And I see them jumping up in the air when they get succeed or reached a step closer.

I am the eye witness of how teen get mad with relatives but frank and co-operative with their friends and circle. There is no doubt that teen not only like to get into troubles but also love to share their experiences with friends only. It is the time when most of the teenager’s life revolves around planning some trips with friends only, impressing someone, academic activities & results and tuition classes. There is no room for other activities.

We hate people specially relatives for no reason, we love parties, We stay up late every night having deep conversation or just to think, we don’t hesitate to lie just to protect our friends even from their families, we go for group studies but end up with awesome memories, we enjoy laziness and messy surroundings, we fall in love and end up getting hurt. They shared Secrets of teenage with me in talk session when I was the part of student talk event.

I am not amazed with Secrets of teenage that they shared but I am surprised with – is that all their life is about. Why they are not grabbing the opportunities. If they enjoy the religious activities or attend more social events then they will learn how to network, how to do marketing for self, little history, and number of new things.

Whether it is getting success or being good human being; Communication, networking, knowledge, confidence, humanity are essential part. And, religious activities, family functions and small events in society are the best part to boost such attributes.

Academics are important but learning new skills, helping others and being more positive is essential. Next time, take a time to involve in other activities.

Well, teen time is the most beautiful time of one’s life. It is the time when we have highest energy level, always ready to take new challenges and have the safest & hardest wall of friends. There are number of things that should be done in only teenage that you can call the Secrets of happy teenage. But, other important activities are important to cope-up with the world!


  1. Nice….I think in teen life we all love to take life easy and realize it only later.

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