8 lessons that travel has taught me

girl who learned some lesson from traveling Traveling means – a perfect break from routine, around 8 GB memory card filled with photos and videos, some social media check-ins in expensive restaurants and hotels & awesome time with dear and near one. These were such basic reasons behind traveling that filled my heart with happiness. And, yeah, I have done all of them in the starting phase of traveling.

From bunking classes to packing too much and becoming cashless I have done all the mistakes. And, thank god, I did all! Because, it taught me what university couldn’t. Here are the lists of 10 lessons that travel has taught me.

Mingle with people

When I am on trip I find myself lost into the arm of totally new environment. Well, once upon a time I was very reserved who rarely speak single word in unfamiliar people. But, travel taught me the most important lesson how to mingle with people and initiate conversations. Now, I love to interact with fellow travellers, meet with locals, taste new cuisines and experience different culture. Believe me, if you want to experience a place, visit it with all your heart.

Enhanced my creativity

I did not learn any kind of art while traveling. But, still, if I analysis myself then I find myself as a more creative person in day-to-day living. Whether it is preparing meal and presenting it on cutlery, decorating central table with handmade stuffs or simply arranging bookshelf- I don’t forget to put some personal touch. I will lie if I say I didn’t learn anything new. Yeah, whether it is painting, calligraphy, needle artwork, making lampshades or simply decorating a glass bottle- all I have started because of traveling. Traveling motivated me to create something that not only make my day interesting but also help me to connect with others. It is one of the most essential lessons that travel has taught me.

The importance of unplugging from social media

Whether it is your dream trip, some adventures or most awaited trip with your people only; it is hard to resist self from posting anything on social media. Even, I just travelled to put things on social media. And, than continuous monitoring about likes, comments, retweets and then started comparing all this likes comments with others. But, travel taught me that everything should not be shared with everyone we know. More specific, some memories need to be hiding with rest of world. And yeah, of course, I realized life behind screen is more interesting and it is hard to explain what we have done with our people.

Planning is the key

Backpack and no plan, wow, sound amazing and adventurous. More specific, you are going to make hundreds of unplanned memories. And, sometimes, it is ok to not stick on plans. But, believe me, most of the time, people regret for such actions. If you don’t want to limit yourself then plan roughly about expenses, trip time and luggage. I went on many unplanned trips than regretted as while returning from trip I was cashless. Well, I tried all smart tricks like “jugad” but believe me they all are temporary solutions. And, such trips are good for making memories but worst for refreshing the mood. Making a rough outline for vacations come in smart lesson that travel has taught me.

Day to day problems aren’t really “problems”

Whether it is spilling tea/coffee on favorite outfits, bad haircuts, tea/coffee/wine stain teeth, few days without wi-fi such incidents are enough to spoil my day. But, now I realize how rest of the world is living. Travel showed me how much lucky I am. It is heart touching lesson that travel has taught me.

Boost knowledge base

Reading is my hobby. But, different cutlers, cuisines, traditions are such things where reading is not enough. We need to experience if we want to lose in such stuffs. I didn’t stop reading about different cutlers, cuisines, traditions because that gives me rough ideas than I go to experience. I am thankful for my passion which open up my eyes for such interesting lesson that travel has taught me.

Value little things

When I started traveling I just chose comfortable and expensive stuffs. But, when I shared memories I realised I was talking more on small things like how someone shared their home made meal, how locals were with me to show right path, how small florist help me to decorate rooms and more. Travel taught me to value little things.

Be Humble

We meet different type of people, unique traditions and many customs. It is natural, we like something and we hate something. But, humbleness is important. Sometimes we panic if we didn’t get the exact room what we have paid, waiters put some mistakes while ordering the foods or locals behave very rude. We should not forget- we all are human beings. That’s why we make mistakes; we may get rude after having bad day or mood swings and more. Try to be humble. It is another important lesson that travel has taught me.


  1. Excellent Article. Traveling teach me many experience . I learnt to find beauty in small things, i learnt how to be patient while talking with strangers and so on.

  2. Travelling also boosts your self-esteem, meet new friends and learn a new language too. This is a nice post! Glad I found this!

  3. Now I realised how I was missing on some important points while planning any trip. Thanks for sharing this is surely going to help in future.

  4. I agree especially on the point about social media. we do not enjoy the moment completely because we are busy clicking photos or making a video. Travel should be to relax and unwind. and social media hinders that

  5. These are the things which we do not follow nowadays as all are busy in clicking pics and checking in rather than enjoying the experience.

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