Hostel life is a roller coaster ride

There is nothing like to amaze if I say hostel life is a roller coaster ride. There are many ups & downs. But, in the end, you have thousands of memorable moments full of celebrations, laughter, fun, craziness, frolic and many more.

If you have ever enjoyed the hostel life than be ready to go back in that time. Let’s get lost in the hostel life memories.

Skipping Daily Baths –

Only your room mates or few hostel friends knew the secrets of how many days you could live without taking bath. Avoiding bath for one or three days was absolutely normal. And, deodorant was your temporary but very trusted solution.

Group Studies during Exams –

If you start remembering about group study plans then believe me couple of hours gone while recollecting the memories. But, if you will start remembering about the execution of the group study plans then hardly few nights will come in your mind. Only hosteller know the secrets how to clear exams in one night study. That is the reason if one say hostel life is a roller coaster ride then there is nothing wrong.

Surviving On Maggi –

It is amazing that every hostel group have some cooking experts that can beat Tom Chacha’s Maggie (Famous DU Maggie) by creating own special Maggie. Even, whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner time; Maggie is all time better option. Most of us never forget around 1 am to 3 am Maggie. And if you needed to clean the utensils for cooking the Maggie then surly you will say hostel life is a roller coaster ride.

Gate-crash a Wedding Reception for Dinner with Friends –

Most of us have done in our hostel life. No tasty food and no money but had a good dress means attending wedding reception at the nearby ground. Well, if you have ever caught up in the reception then don’t forget to share your stories in comment section.

Tea-holics –

Most of us had a fix shop or more specific permanent “adda” where we talk everything from college shits, party planning, crush to emotions and all. Sometimes, we finished our single cup of tea in two hours discussions. That chai tapris/ tea point knows everything. It is hard to forget that place.

We believe in “sab moh maya hai” –

We were so down to earth. Most of us knew the condition of our purse. That could be reason milk, fruits, some snacks and cold-drinks are luxury for us.

Manage expenses –

Most of the time hostellers are out of cash. They don’t have money to go in expensive restaurants or buying something luxurious. But, when it comes to alcohol, everyone has money to enjoy whole night.

Celebration –

Whether it was your birthday or your result (no matter you passes or failed), a party was always waiting for you. Even, after few years, you can remember all the celebrations with almost exact menu.

Responsibility –

Above all, hostel life teaches to cleaning room, cooking, arranging books, wash clothes, taking care of precious belongings, and what’s not, accepting people in the way they are and saving some money.

Hostel life is full of lessons, happiness, sadness, opportunities to meet new people and lots of party, fun and memorable time. That’s why people say hostel life hostel life is a roller coaster ride.


  1. Although i was never been in a hostel but by reading ur post, I think i had had all those things u have mentioned above

  2. Great post. I’ve never been in a hostel, but after ready your blog, it sounds adventurous. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Reading your story I compared your one to mine almost same but cleaning room, cooking, arranging books, wash clothes what are they ..!! 😛 never heard about them when at college :P.

    Thanks for sharing .. it recreates all my memories.

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