Dress to Impress

As an engineering student I got number of opportunities to meet with high profile people. I still remembered, I was attending Mr Ramesh Chandak and team – Microsoft’s’ senior head developer. Well, it was our responsibility to make a visit of our city as they specially come for organising workshop. After finishing the workshop, we took him for some temple visit. And, I was surprised when he asked some time to get ready. Yeah, all of them carried orange color printed kurta (in which om namah shivay is written) which were strongly reflecting India’s cultures and traditions. It was hard to control laughter but somehow I managed. But, he was good enough to read facial expression so he said – “dress to impress”.

Mr. Chandak further continued – Whether or not you believe but most of the people judge you on the basis of dressing sense. Even, we also notice dressing sense because we can’t change skin tones, and other physical attributes. He said, what you will feel if one is going to attend prom nights with typical traditional attires or your friend is going to attend formal dinner or interview/workshop with backless or pop over dress. How will it impact on you? Dress and person is same but it is matter of occasion where we need to carry. Therefore, it is always advised to dress to impress.

At that time I was not mature enough to understand such dressing sense concepts. More specific, I was choosy while selecting the dresses that was the reason I was only have jeans and few different style tops.

But, as he was on big profile so I can trust on her concept like dress to impress. From that day, I started investing in all kind of dress. And that was the turning point. I did not know how but after changing wardrobe I was inviting in more parties, get to gathers and events. Even I have experienced, choosing the right attire for any occasion is the matter of good manners.

Almost all of us know that first impression is last impression. But, few among us know that it only takes four to thirty seconds to judge a new person we meet. It counts dressing sense, smile, and the way they started talking no matter whether it is through facial expressions or communicate only through gestures.

Also some blogs says that attires are responsible for 95% of first expression. So, start dressing for what you want and achieve in life, where you are going and what you want to be addressed. Well, if I summarized then dress to impress.


  1. And it holds true for all of the occasions and scenarios.
    Whether you eat or meet. Dressing sense adds flavor to your confidence.
    Wow blog!

  2. Definitely couldn’t agree more and dressing to make an impression is so key, especially when going out to a function or work related, too.

  3. Outward appearances do matter. You can shop carefully on any budget.

  4. First impressions definitely matter! I think it’s important that we not find our identity in our clothes, but it is good to dress in a way that makes us feel confident. I think it’s totally possible to do this well on a budget, too!

  5. I totally agree that dressing for the occasion is a sign of good manners.

  6. So true! Dressing right for the occasion is so important!

  7. I’ve done small social experiments over the years dressing up and dressing down while traveling for business. It’s been so interesting to see how much better I’m treated when I’m dressed up. I’ve gotten upgrades, discounts, and free stuff. If you guessed I was dressed up when those good things happened…you’d be right.

  8. Your all articles are impressive… Thanks for sharing with us.

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