A lot can happen in a year

And, then she started to enjoy each and every moment. She almost took one year to learn how to be happy in small things, how to smile in pain and how to ignore most waited moments. Now, she never demands for more. What she need a book, some peace and her favorite corner near window. But, unfortunately, her small wish is still a dream. Maybe, she was right, a lot can happen in a year.

Actually, she was right! A lot can happen in a year. I am the eye witness of turning the party bird into the most silence person of my network. Neither I know nor do I want to know what has happened in 365 days which turned a strong young lady into sacrifice soul.

Well, I have no mean, sacrifices people are weak but the girl I knew were never compromised. She believed in creating or manging everything which she wanted in life.  But, surly, there will be some strong circumstances where she was failed while fighting.

Well, I have heard many times a lot can happen over a coffee. But, I didn’t experience any changes even after finishing thousand cups of coffee. But, she always said to me – “a moment is enough to change entire life. While I am talking about a year – a lot can happen in a year”.

May be she knew- an upcoming year is going to change her that was the reason she said such statement. But, I am happy whatever good or bad have happened; she found herself once again. No doubt she is changed completely. Now, neither late night parties nor expensive moments attract her.

Now she is busy or more specific lost in making all dreams come true. She is in love with her passion. She learned how to be patience and positive in every situation. And, I am happy; finally she started finding her hidden capabilities. She is not only changed her fully but also broke hardly in just one year.

But, I am waiting for the year when world will know her. She has capabilities to surprise the world. Also, I understood- a year, month, weak even a moment is enough to change one’s life. And, it is totally OK if one lost themselves in circumstances. But, finding again to self is important. And, to take a step towards own happiness, goal or dream is essential regardless of how hard to even live. And, if we succeed in taking even single step then surly a lot can happen in a year.


  1. even, i have experienced many changes in my life. i have broke up wid my best frnz, shifted to home town, finally get lost. But, somehow, i started my business and now it is going good!

  2. I agree with you completely. A year definitely makes a difference. In a year I got over my postpartum depression (although there is still aftermath). Great points. Wishing you the best.

  3. This is quite relatable as in life there comes a moment when you want to believe is turning point.
    You just slay the way you write. Keep posting.

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