She was Going to Live her Sixteen once Again

I promised myself to sleep bit early. But, like others days, again I fell in love with her voice, the way she described every single moment, the way she narrated her self-made stories. I don’t know how 2 hours has passed and I was surprised as I want to hear more. Well, it is 2 am and I am not only awaken but also laughing hard with her. It was her 24th birthday so she was asking me to bring 24 gifts. First time she asked for gifts and I knew she was not a gift lover. Even, how hardly I have convinced her for the first gift I remembered yet.  She didn’t believe in gifts but still she wanted some gifts. Because I gave some gifts to my colleague on her birthday or maybe she was expecting surprise from me. Well, how could I tell her about my surprise – She is going to live her sixteen once again.

I was bit confused whether she will like to live her sixteen once again or she will add me in the most idiot person list. Picking her from house, long walk to ice cream parlour, some red rose decoration to gifting her favorite dress; I couldn’t do anything. But, now I want give her special feel. She loved me from her sixteen and I was from the day I have seen her.  That was the reason I planned – going to live her sixteen once again.

I didn’t yet share about the surprise- She is going to live her sixteen once again with anyone. I was lost in the imagination of how hard for her if I spoiled her birthday. She comes here once in year. She especially came for me. I was lost completely what we will do, how happy or sad she will be.

Phone rang and finally I was out from my imagination. It was 6 in the morning and I need to get ready. Around 7 am I am going to meet her with some flowers. Around 8, we will go on long drive on Audi which I have rented for one day. Around 9.15 – movie time and then I will go her for lunch. Table will be decorated with rose petals, balloon and ribbon decoration. As soon as we will be free, we will go to park where we used to go. And will celebrate with some of our mutual friends. In teen age, it is fun to have cake Holi and getting many gifts. Then, we will go to the most expensive restaurant of town. From classic wine to pasta and four course meal; everything will be her choice. I have hired one florist to decorate our table and surroundings. And, everything will be end up by long walk and ice cream in hand. Hope she will love – to going to live her sixteen once again.

I wish everything will execute as per my imagination. It was 7.30 and I was still at my room. I reached at her cousin’s home as soon as possible. But, she was not at home. It was freaking me – where she can go. More important- I couldn’t wait more surprise her – to live her sixteen once again.

Later, I got to know she left the city in the early morning. And, as soon as I got such news I lost my sense. What has happened? Was she alright? She was my best friend’s cousins so I asked him about her. And, my best friend said- “I don’t know what happened between both of you. But, she doesn’t want to see again. You cheated her”.

I was confused – what I have done? Even I tried hard to convince my best friend but it was too late. My best friend gave me some photographs of mine and said your colleague has given her.

That was the photographs of our Paris trip. I didn’t mention her about trip because I wanted to tell everything face to face. Also, I don’t know why my colleague did such thing with me. Yes, I and my colleague became good friend that I didn’t share with her. And, yes, photographs are about kissing on her forehead nothing else.
Of course, she was right at her place. Even, I will do the same thing. I was wishing to meet her at least once so that I can clear everything. I didn’t know where she is. She asked her cousin to not share any information regarding her. Now she hated me. Well, today is her 27th birthday and I am still wishing if she can live her sixteen once again with me. I am still wishing, if she will forgive me and everything will be ok. But, all are only hope, wishes and dreams.

I know I have lost her. She is not going to love me once again. And, it is because of my mistake. I should inform her about Paris trip. It is her right to know about my friends and it is more important if they are female. She never demands anything but asked for honesty. And I am failed to give such small thing.


  1. This was a well-flowing read. The swerve at the end was really unexpected. I thought this was just going to be an account of a day but the tragic turn really hit hard.

    The only gripe I can see is that your language can be improved, but this is more of an encouragement than a criticism. You have talent and heart, and your language will naturally improve as you read and write more.

  2. Still, can’t distinguish you are telling a story or it’s a real incident..!

    So well written you got my whole attention when I’m reading your story every second my mind is asking whats next whats next. 🙂

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