Secret Conversation with Moon

How strange – sun silently watch all the activities I do. He cares me a lot that is the reason why he is always with me. But, I always wait for moon. And, when moon come I give him some time to first talk with his friends (stars). And, when they finished their conversation – I start secret conversation with moon. Sometimes, I lost in admiring the beauty of the moon rest I busy in imagine Nimisha. I told to my best friend – Abhi.

After a long time I have shared anything with him. I didn’t remember what the last time when we had some fun. Once upon a time, I and Abhi used to share every single thing that had happened in our life. And now, a year has gone and I didn’t share a single feeling with him. How could I do it?

He was continuously staring at me and waiting for more words. I asked him to have some beers. And he said- “bro nothing has changed. Let’s open beer cane together as the way we used to be”. I smiled, we opened the cane and again I started admiring the beauty of moon.

Abhi interrupted me – from when you have started secret conversation with moon? I took some moment to collect the words. I said – Nimisha, most of the time lost in the beauty of moon while I was talking to her. Maybe, she is bookaholic or has deep love with natures that’s why she loves such things. I took deep breath and continued – It is easy to imagine her face, words, expression while staring the moon. And, nowadays, I feel some inner happiness after making secret conversation with moon – I added.

Abhi was trying to say something but he chose to be silent. I thought, either he was imagining my situation or busy with beer. I shared all of my feelings that only moon and I know. But, still, Abhi was only listening.

Finally, he broke his silence and shouted – stop your secret conversation with moon drama. Come into the present world. Have you any idea about Nimisha? How she is living?

Abhi continued – I have looked her closely that’s why I know. She is making space with her own friend circle. Every time, when I talk to her; I find a new person who is sadder. Sometimes, she laughs so hard but everyone can see how beautifully she has hid all the pain. She is broken from inside and sometimes she looked like depressed girl.

Every morning she stared herself into the mirror and can’t succeed in holding tears from rolling out. Every morning she promises to herself to be strong. Somehow she get succeed and world called her strongest woman. But, I know, how weaken she is from inside. Dam fool, she is my cousin. How can I see her in such a condition?

Abhi asked me – If you have done with making secret conversation with moon then let’s go to ask for a sorry. Yeah, abhi is right. I never apologised to nimisha even after breaking her heart. In Nimisha opinions I only played with her feelings.

I think Abhi is right. I need to come out from my own world where I make secret conversation with moon. I need to do every single effort that can help me win the Nimisha’s friendship. Hope, I will do it sooner. And when I and Nimisha will be friends again then I will tell her about my secret conversation with moon.

I was lost in my own thoughts and again Abhi helped me to come out from my own world. He finally told- Bro it will be not as easy as you are thinking. Go into your old memories and remember how much time, efforts you did for making friendship only. And now, you have played with her emotions, broke her heart in her eyes’. If she will forgive you then it will be big thing.

Abhi finally collected all the words and said – “if you want to win her then first, stand in front of her. Be ready to face all her anger. She will not say single word for weeks or months but you will have to wait. You will have to keep some patience. You will have to careful for every word she will tell you. And maybe, she will ask you to complete extremely unimaginable task and you will have no option. Now it is your choice bro – whether you want to busy in making secret conversation with moon or want a life with her.


  1. honestly i enjoyed the blog article thoroughly. how amazingly written. sooo much of emotions in one article. looking forward to more articles like this . xoxo .

  2. Nights give me a pleasant and awesome feeling, and that’s what this article has given me.

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