Nothing is going to be changed – only thing she knows

She was living in such an atmosphere where most of us can’t breathe. She was living in such a home where family bond means only quarrel, discussion, comparison, loud voices, arguments, and fights on silly things. Days, months and years are passed but nothing has changed more than her believe. She had stopped praying for a normal life. She had known – Nothing is going to be changed.

She was hopeless. More specific, she was powerless. If we fail to fix something then either we have an option to let it go or we walk away from such stuffs. But, she needed to be present there and had to become the eye witness of all the drama that happened at her home. Well, she had stopped to try anything as she had known – Nothing is going to be changed.

Surely, it was not easy to reach at her breaking point. I am familiar with her strength about how much she can handle easily before break because I have seen her while struggling. She had no room to stay, she was jobless and also her pocket was empty. Still, she didn’t ask for any help. How can I forget about how beautifully she convinced her landlord to stay there and how confidently she said- In few months she will return all the money! It is really difficult to explain how she started her career from call center and finished it with leading the team of well-known IT Company. But, now she is broken and somehow she has accepted – Nothing is going to be changed.

Most of her friends was amazed to see her in such a hell but I was surprised about how much she can handle even after broken hard from inside. Her eyes scanned every drama that happened at her home, her mind record each and every activity, her ears tracked every sound no matter how loud or silence it was and her heart was ready to get hurt again. But, she never opened her mouth. Without saying a single word, she was following her path. Maybe, as she knew – Nothing is going to be changed.

Every day she begged for some peaceful hours. Every night she tried hard to hold her tears and every moment she made efforts to get something desirable. She knew – Nothing is going to be changed. Eventually, she has dropped her hope, plan and idea to change anything.

She started to use every possible moment to make her life more beautiful than before. She started to ignore as many things as she can do. And, she started to be part of every single drama that had happened at her home. All these were helping her to be stronger and explainable.

Now, she has number of stories that she shared with me. And such stories motivate me to put more efforts. Nowadays, she has is helping people who are struggling hard with depression. How beautiful work she is doing online. And, words are not enough to appreciate such work. Well, what you think, it is easy for her to deal with heart broken, depressed people as she has also broken hard from inside?


  1. It was good to read,,you know how to bloging 🙂

  2. Very beautiful piece. You depicted the pain in such amazing detail. Loved it!

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