She was struggling to discover herself once again

She was lost in the pool of pain where lost was the part of her path. Yeah, she chose to live with such people who don’t know the meaning of humanity regardless of how many donations they do for their religious activities. For the rest of world she was living but in reality she was surviving. She was trying to find herself once again. She was struggling to discover herself once again.

Her old grandmother who was disabling to walk, she cared her like mature young son. She entertained her like ten year old baby who loves all the fairy-tale, king queen stories. No matter, how hardly she accepted the world is full of demons. But, what she got in return – some bitter bites, harsh words and uncountable taunts. She was a free bird who had believed on her brave wings but somehow she was lost in the disability of people’s mind. She was surprised how one can have such disable thinking.

Soon, she got all the answers when she started involving in social activities. She observed – it is far easy to help stranger because in return you will not only get blessings but some useful contacts. Society will admire you as a helping hand. But, when it comes to old buddy, then it count in responsibility. Yeah, it is one’s responsibility to help their parents, grands parents in completing their routine activities. And, world will not going to appreciate you for helping your parents because there are numbers of mistakes that you did and your world has proof. There were number of things that she faced but still – She was struggling to discover herself once again.

She knew, her tiny world is empty from heart. Emotions, feelings, care, love were only words which her tiny world didn’t forget to use in social meeting. She knew nothing is going to changed but she didn’t stop to find herself. She was struggling to discover herself once again.

Whenever she got the opportunity to be the part of social activities she grabbed smartly and without hesitation she shared her observation. Once, somebody from audience impressed with her observation. He asked him to visit her office at least once. She was confused and not in position to take any decision. She said, she was struggling to discover herself once again.

“I know – you are struggling hard” – that somebody said. But, believe me, there will be something of your interest. She decided to visit her office and shocked by seeing his office. The office was not less than seven star hotels. She reminded herself –“She was struggling to discover once again”. Maybe she was right as there are number of offices which bit seven star facilities.

That somebody greeted her and asked her to join his Kitchen city chain which is famous for designing the kitchen interior as a manager. She was confused as she has left her job to find herself. Those days – She was discovering herself once again.

She needed time to think for such an opportunity. But, that somebody asked what if you can share all your experiences, analysis, observations with our team and group. He further added – world needed more good heart people. It will be our pleasure if you join us. She smiled and said – let’s plan something different.


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