Top 6 reasons that you should have a best friend in life

Okay, it is fair to say that we belong to a world of social media buffs which has narrowed down the possibilities of making new friends. Add friends at the click of a button, keep them updated with your latest tweets or quickly build a following on your blog-Sadhguru. No doubt, the options are umpteen. But have you wondered how beautiful this feeling of multiplication is? Connections, my dear friend have become a way more valuable asset in our life. But the connection is strengthened only when you give space to someone special, someone you can call your best friend. Here are top – reasons that you should have the best friend in your life :

  1. Liss or Relief: You saw your first crush today, had butterflies in your stomach, you saw him/her smiling at you. Now, you want to shout, you want to be the “Angelina Jolie” to this “Brad Pitt” or vice versa. You would not go to you mom and dad. Here you would need a best friend with whom you can share and act crazy. Pouring your heart out is what friend are for and believe me it do wonders.
  2. To remain in every thick and thin: Ups and downs are ill-facets of life and there is nothing you can do to stop the inevitable. An unconditional support in times of good and bad is what any human would want and the necessity is completed by your BESTIE.
  3. To face the reality (honesty): Tell me one thing, imagine you have to go to a farewell party, you have to be best of bests (NOTE: Don’t compete with your bestie). Now whose opinion will you consider, your random friend or the soulmate who shares honest feelings with you and would never let you down! I guess, I got my answer. An honest friend in need is a best friend indeed.
  4. To gossip: Now comes the part which you might think that I am being biased on basis of gender. But according to stats- (Of course, it is a verified data), Men are more likely to gossip than women which means we need someone to listen to our everyday hotchpotch.
  5. Life lessons: I made my best friend when I was 3 or 4 years old when I was sent to school. I remember him vividly but I am not sure if he remembers me, but the bond we created was mystical. I am not disgruntled but the whole journey of friendship has been a learning experience. Of What and What’s Not, Of Who and Who’s not! Never underestimate your best friend. They are blessings in disguise.
  6. Strengthen yourself: Boost is the secret of everyone’s energy, well I am not talking about a milk product or protein supplements but a motivating energy which gathers the positive in you and brings about the best out of you. Undoubtedly, your best mates are not motivational speaker or orator but sometimes their few actions or words help you accomplish what was just a desire.

So, what remains true is that making friends is easy but staying friends is a challenge. Never miss a chance to feel the vibes of best friend and you, my friend will become the richest person in the whole universe because now good health and friend is good wealth. Thanks for tuning in! Stay in touch, who knows, we might resonate one day!


  1. When it comes to friendship, it’s quality over quantity…always!!

  2. I believe in having one Loyal friend than 10 friends who are there only on good days. Lucky are those who found that one bestie in life… And I am one of lucky few.. As I have found mine 🙂

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