Between mind and heart – I chose Inner Voice

She put her drink down and went to balcony to feel breeze. She loved to spend time making some late night conversation with moon. I don’t know how much time she tried to count the stars and failed. But, she never gave up.

She arranged a chair and coffee table as she spent her sleepless night in balcony with the moon light. She loved the fresh air that touches her hair. Yeah, I have asked hundreds of time to tie hairs but every time she refused. She loved some coffee and late night conversation.

I still remembered her words – “No matter how good or worse our day was – moonlight has power to fix everything.”  Maybe, that’s the reason I started too to spend some time with moon. Well, I am not creative like her but tried my best to make some eye catching sitting arrangement in balcony.

I never tiered from collecting the entire stupid, funny, memorable thing she and I have done in past while admiring the moon. Sometimes, I lost in imagination, rest I tiered to hold tears.

Well, nowadays, she has stopped watching moon. Even, she shifted at a small tiny room where she cannot see the moon, feel the fresh air and hear the birds’ tweeter. I don’t know why she has finished all the contacts with me.

But, I have heard, she was dealing with her life. And day by day her life is getting harder and harder. Nowadays, she has stopped clubbing. Even, rarely, she picks her best friends’ call. These days she is busy in creating something.

Maybe, she is in depression and need some bundle of joy. Well, I am not sure. But, something has gone wrong that broke her. I have lost all of the hope. And, every day I remembered all the good/bad times we had together and pray to god to see her again at least once. Well, what I could do more.

We live in different cities and I she asked me to promise to neither call her nor visit at her house. My mind has lost all the hope but my heart was not ready to accept that I lost her.

One day, I got a phone call from a café for free coffee. Yeah, I was the regular customer but from a long time I have left coffee. I was confused as my mind was saying it will be waste of time and heart was pretty sure that there will be something important for me.

The accepted the invitation and them to join in free hours. I carried blue jeans, white shirt and slipper. But when I entered I surprised. There was a decoration and booked café only for me. She has done all for me.

She asked – If I will take care of her like a small baby that I used to do it. She continued – “I have seen numbers of ups and downs but now I want to be settled down. I have no strength to face everything alone. Will you be my partner to face each and every moment of life?”

I was surprised as I didn’t imagine such thing will be happen with me. I was happy as I choose heart over mind. Well, immediately, without wasting any moment I nodded.  And I have understood –Sometimes, we need to believe on heart and take some patience.


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