How to look younger instantly |7 secrets you need to know

Some says – “Don’t regret growing older. It’s privilege denied to many.” Rest says- “Aging is out of your control. How you handle it, though, is in your hand.” No doubt most of us have heard these two famous quotes once in our life. But, it is also fact that secretly all of want to look little bit younger. So, if you are finding how to look younger instantly then here are the 7 ways that can help you.

  1. Happy faces look younger – A smiley face can give you a youthful appearances. Studies have shown that people who carry smile look younger. Even, you can check cross check whether or not happy faces look younger. Just take a photograph of you or your loves one with an angry or neutral expression. And, take another photograph of same personal with natural smile (not fake) and compare both the photographs. At the end, you will find smiling face look younger. So, if you are finding – how to look younger instantly then don’t forget to smile.
  2. Curl your lashes – We all know that eyelashes flatten with age. Some says – lashes get shorter as we age but truth is – eyelashes started falling down with age. In such cases, curling eyelashes can help to look your eyes brighter & bigger. If you are looking – how to look younger instantly then keep in mind – eyes speak a lot.
  3. Go for nail polish and a ring – Paint your nails with classic or trendy shades to get hands like teenagers. Studies show that hands with polish nails look younger. Another surprising fact: wearing few rings also help you to give youthful appearance. Add this tip to your list if you are searching- how to look younger instantly.
  4. Try something like Soft Pink or Rose Gloss – Lipstick shades like red or pink can help you to knock few years off your look. Also, there are number of shades in pink and red color which you can select with your skin tone. Also, dark toner has another option to go Magenta and Raspberry. Sometimes, it helps more to get youthful appearance.
  5. Wear a younger-smelling cologne or perfume – Try to avoid floral or rose scented cologne and perfumes if you want to smell like young. Such smells comes in old fashion. Go for fruity or vibrant cologne and deodorant can help you to smell like youth.
  6. Dress Smartly – Outfits are the one of the most powerful beauty aids & when you make clever and smart clothing choices you are more youthful. Well, don’t follow all the latest trends otherwise you will be very confused. Just know body and decide what skin you want to show off and find the perfect piece according to your decision. Another surprising titbit chooses right heels. It will add more beauty. So, if you are finding how to look younger instantly, then don’t forget to make some changes in your wardrobe.
  7. Go for Hair Coloring – Following trends with full force is not a good idea. Know your skin tone and then smartly choose the color. Always remember, a bad choice can make you to look like cartoon. So, choose it carefully. Some believes, warmer the shade (hair color), younger the look. But, it is not true for all cases. Brunettes are the good option for caramel tones. Well, there is nothing like “first try and then see” option. So, it is better to go for specialist and big right saloon.


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