Going to build an empire – Wait there is something you should know

How easy to say – Let’s build an empire. How cool it sounds – “Today’s Agenda: Building an empire”, isn’t it? No doubt, confident, hope, positive attitude, dreams is essential to create something; no matter how big or small it will be.  But, respect for partners & team, care, keep moving, emotional quotient (EQ) is more important.

Somewhere I read a quote – “He asked me can you cook and I replied can you build a business.” And it forced me to think in deep. Is it wrong to expect cooking from a girl? Or a successful woman doesn’t know how to cook a meal?

No doubt, time and thinking both are changing. Whether it is Olympic medal, CEO world’s largest company, Nobel Prize winners to politician number of women proved themselves as a game changer.

Stop dreaming & restrict yourself from working for your goal and entertain your man; Cook for him who is at home and doing nothing good is wasting time and energy. There is nothing wrong to make a distance from toxic, negative, abusive and energy draining person.

But cook for a man who valued you makes sense. Saying no does not come in powerful decision. If a man is asking you to cook for him, you have an option to take his little help in kitchen. And, return back his help by supporting him in his business. Whether it is planning strategies, making networks to taking a responsibility of required job post there is number of way to help him in growing or making his business.

But, forget about relation and start partnership only to make business – comes in fool decisions. Do you know why? There are something that we can’t get from business, money and status. True love, care, respect are some of them who can’t buy from the empire, money and status. And, if you have true soulmate then you are lucky. Don’t let it go for just building a business together.

It is fine to have different points of views in starting a business. If your business thinking does not match then leave your business partnership and start something your individual. Don’t let go your friendship, bond and attachment. Don’t make a mistake to disrespect each-others’ idea. Even support your partner in the best possible way.

Friends, partners, well-wishers have something amazing. They can make present time less difficult to bear, to tolerate & to accept. And, always ready to protect as a strong wall. That’s why don’t choose partnership over relationship.

Put your all efforts and energy to make better tomorrow. Don’t forget to make a balance between relationship and partnership. Start loving your dear and near ones and celebrate all little to big moments with them.


  1. Wow…. Amazing, superb…. Lovely thoughts n lovely words

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