The second year of VALORANT CHAMPIONStour is here! Merong 48 teams na mag cocompete in order to fight for a playoff spot this June.


There are 8 teams from the Southeast Asia that are qualified in the VCT isa na ang Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore and etc. Sobrang exciting neto for VALORANT community, be prepared to support our beloved country in this event guys!

Following some incredible performances from APAC teams during Stage 1 tournaments, we are thrilled to kick off the VCT Challengers APAC – Stage 2 main events!

8 of the top teams in each market will compete through May for a chance to enter the VCT Challengers APAC – Stage 2 Playoffs in June.


8 teams from each Southeast Asian market, including Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore/Malaysia, and Taiwan/Hong Kong, have qualified to participate in the Challengers Stage 2!

Due to their top performances on the local level during Stage 1, four of these teams per market were given direct invitations to Challengers APAC – Stage 2.

The next 4 teams have qualified through Open Qualifier events that wrapped up in April.

Qualified teams are as follows:

  • Philippines –
    • Direct Invites: NAOS Esports, South Built Esports, Action PH, Oasis Gaming
    • Open Qualifier: Bren Esports, RRQ, Team Secret, Alpha Esports Pro
  • Thailand –
    • Direct Invites: XERXIA, MiTH, Fullsense, NKT
    • Open Qualifier: Purple Mood Esport, X10 CRIT, FW ESPORTS, Sharper Esport
  • Indonesia –
    • Direct Invites: BOOM ESPORTS, Persija Esports, ONIC G, Alter Ego Esports
    • Open Qualifier: Bigetron Arctic, Dewa United, ARF TEAM (former name: Babi Guling), Hike Digital
  • Vietnam –
    • Direct Invites: Cerberus Esports, Fancy United Esports, Big BAAM, Unbeaten Esports
    • Open Qualifier: Ronin, Victory, Nghiện Thêm Lần Nữa, Brave Wolves
  • Singapore/Malaysia –
    • Direct Invites: Paper Rex, Bleed Esports, Laze (former name: Huat Zai), Galaxy Esports
    • Open Qualifier: OGB, Todak, KPMOONIIBLM9, Blitz Esports
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong –
    • Direct Invites: Oblivion Force, Griffin Esports, IVAN (former name: I Need Money), K7 Esports (former name: LP33)
    • Open Qualifier: Ghetto Artist, Only One Word, Giant Submarine, Traitors

Oceania and South Asia teams will compete in local main events hosted by Let’s Play Live and Skyesports respectively. Please visit their websites for tournament details.


The Challengers APAC – Stage 2 main event tournaments are structured in two stages.

The 8 teams in each market will begin by going through a series of single round robin matches where two teams will be eliminated.

The remaining 6 teams will then fight through a series of double elimination brackets. Then, depending on which market they come from, the top teams will be assigned a select number of slots at the upcoming Challengers APAC – Stage 2 Playoffs in June.

The Challengers APAC – Stage 2 Playoffs give the region’s top teams a chance to be invited to Masters 2, VCT’s 2nd and final global tournament of the year!


Regional allocations for the upcoming Challengers APAC – Stage 2 Playoffs in June are split across a 20-team competitive format. Seeds are determined by the size of the competitive playbase in each region. Slot allocations by region.


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