Instagram is the Newest Platform For NFTs

Instagram is an app where people post pictures of their lives, their pets, foods, and basically any other aspect of their lives that the Internet gets to keep forever. The simplicity of uploading photos with 1:1 image ratios is what makes the app aesthetically attractive. In fact, some artists use the app as a platform […]

Xiaomi Poco M4 5G Released in India, No News for PH Yet

Xiaomi POCO M4 5G should have come before the Xiaomi POCO M4 Pro 5G, however, we’re only seeing news of the device being released, and it’s on a different continent.  Maraming Xiaomi POCO fans din ang magkakagusto sa design neto – it keeps the unique and bold POCO camera array plus its branding, but this […]

R.I.P iPod! A sad day for us dahil discontinued na ang iPod

The iPod is getting discontinued after 21 years of service wala na si iPod R.I.P! The announcement was made last Tuesday in the Apple Newsroom. The move from Apple was needed dahil hindi na eto mabili. Makakabili ka pa naman ng iPod pero it will only be available if stocks are available. Apple will not […]

Razer Viper V2 Pro: Eto na siguro ang the Best wireless gaming mouse!

The Razer Viper V2 has descended! Eto na siguro ang pinaka magandang gaming mouse! The weight is just 58g and the DPI can peak at 30k with the optical sensor that Razer has. The Razer Viper V2 Pro a better version of the previous iteration which is the Razer Viper Ultimate. The newer Razer Viper […]

vivo’s new T Series to Launch Soon

vivo is going to release a new line of smartphones: the vivo T series. The vivo T1 5G and the vivo T1x 5G will be released soon, loaded with turbo-features for social media posts, mobile gaming, and series-watching. There’s no release date yet for the phones, pero we can expect the following features to appear […]

VALORANT Night Market Pabalik na!

The VALORANT Night Market is coming back sooner than we think! Handa na ba ang mga bulsa niyo? The Night Market’s comeback is unexpected! Ang pagbabalik ng Night Market sa VALORANT ay malapit na it will be available in May 18 2022, sana maganda maging Night Market niyo! The skins in this game are not […]

First Realme C series phone with FHD+ Screen Available Soon!

DESIGNDISPLAYCHIPSETCAMERAPRICE AND AVAILABILITY Ang pinakabagong release ng realme from its C series is going to be the realme C35. The company has already posted the product on the realme Malaysia website, but leaks go back as far as February. Images of the product show it’s iPhone-esque – bagay na bagay for sophisticated youngsters looking to […]

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