Top 5 phones with the best build quality under 10k

When it comes to best smartphone picks of the year, one thing that people forget is the general build quality. Inasmuch as the internal components of a phone are important, so is the outside feel especially if you are a gamer. Long sessions of gaming require a well built phone with comfortable guaranteed use along […]

Top 5 prettiest phones under 20K: 2022 Year-End Edition

Now we enter the realm of 20K below phones, specs don’t matter in this list, only beauty and symmetry is king! Now you decided to splurge a little and enter the 10K-20K range, this is the part where you can see phones that has the ‘it’ looks, so let’s start the list in no particular […]

Five most beautiful phones under 10K pesos: 2022 Year-End Edition

The looks are as important as the specs as well, a really good looking phone can save you from many embarassing moments or situations. Maybe these phones aren’t the best on paper, but man they’re gorgeous. POCO M5 This phone evokes a strong Pixel-esque vibes with its horizontal bar design that screams ‘modern’ with its […]

Top 5 phones with the best camera under 10k

How often do you see people utilizing point-and-shoot cameras? Most likely, it has been a while. But every day you undoubtedly see someone taking a photo with their smartphone. Many people now take their pictures exclusively with their smartphones, and cameras are one of the most crucial features to consider when updating a device. Here […]

Top 5 smartphones with the fastest chargers

One of the aspects of smartphones that has grown rapidly over the past several years and is still growing is fast charging. Phone makers, particularly those in China, frequently push the limits of charging technology and wow us with creative solutions. Here is a list of the top five fastest charging in 2022 that are […]