Realme’s could bring 240W Fast Charging in early 2023.

Realme has announced that they will debut their fast-charging technology in January 2023. The smartphone manufacturer claims that with this “breakthrough,” it would “leapfrog” its rivals and take the top spot in this industry. It is currently anticipated that the first handset to use it will also ship with a potent chipset and a brand-new, […]

Samsung Galaxy F04 to launch in India this January

Samsung is never stopping to release quite popular budget options even at the tail end of 2022. This time, it’s the Samsung Galaxy F04’s time to shine A number of low-cost smartphones from Samsung, including the Galaxy M04, A04, and A04e, were recently released in India. Now, it appears the company intends to usher in […]

Sources confirm the Poco C50 will launch in India soon on January 2023

The Poco C50 will soon be available in India, according to Flipkart, even if the business hasn’t yet made an official announcement on the launch date. The Poco C50 was supposed to be introduced in India by Poco’s Indian branch in the final week of November, but some how it did not happen. Although the […]

What the best low-end processors that fits your budget?

We heard you asking so we answered: what’s the best low-end processor? The truth is, there’s no single answer about it. It depends of what ‘low end’ means to you, our reader. There’s no single specific answer to this question as processors literally come and go and promoted and demoted depending on its age, raw […]