2023 10K Smartphone Tier List: Tecno, Infinix, Itel, realme and more!

It’s that time of the month again when we rank, dethroned, and possibly lift a smartphone from its current rankings along with newcomers. These new releases may cost them their spot if these new phones are proven to be better.

Well, before revealing the new tier list rankings, you should see the current arrangements first:

With that out of the way, let’s start the purging, err– updating. Let’s start with the older phones on this list before we talk about the newer additions.

Tecno Spark 10

Tecno Spark 10 is the first to get demoted from its Super Sulit spot. Why? Because there are new phones on our list that are miles better than what the Spark 10 is offering, like the budget powerhouse Infinix Hot 30i that offers almost the same specs as the former but with a much more powerful Unisoc T606 chipset, and for 700 pesos less.

Tecno Spark 10 is still a good phone that offers good camera quality, a glass back, and a trendy design all for a price under Php5,000. And for that, the Spark 10 can hang out with the rest of the Maganda Na residents.

Check out our review here: https://unboxdiaries.com/tecno-spark-10-4g-5g-review-bang-for-the-buck-smartphones/

realme C55

We know, the realme C55 is a good smartphone that offers good camera chops and a Mini Capsule feature that is still waiting to be patched so that more functions can be added to it on top of the notifications and charging animation.

But we decided for now that the realme C55 should go down a notch to populate the Sakto Lang crowd. The Php8,999 price tag is just a tad too expensive in comparison to the Tecno Spark 10 Pro offering almost the same specs as the C55. 

Oh well, the realme C55’s current spot isn’t set in stone, and it may go up or down, it all depends on the phones to be released in the future. But now, the realme C55 is Sakto Lang.

Check out our review here: https://unboxdiaries.com/realme-c55-full-review-more-than-just-a-mini-capsule/

Tecno Spark Go 2023

Aside from value for money, the Tecno Spark Go 2023 isn’t a very capable smartphone. Equipped with a Helio A22 chipset, it is prone to lag and various performance issues.

However, with its Php3,699 price tag for the 3+64GB variant and Php3,699 for the 4+64GB one may look like a steal– until you see the newcomer Itel S23 4G which offers 4GB of RAM, 128GB of internal storage, a 50MP sensor, plus a much more powerful Unisoc T606 chipset– for only Php3,899 for the base 4+128GB storage and 8+128GB for a little more, it’s easy to see why the Spark Go 2023 should go down to the Sakto Lang section.

Redmi 12C

The Redmi 12C is just fine on paper, Helio G85 chipset which is more than enough for its price point, average screen size, standard 5,000mAh battery and that’s it. What makes this phone demoted to the Sakto Lang collective is the lack of a high refresh rate, which is being offered within that price range or even cheaper– all have 90Hz. 

This does not have that. Besides, the design looks outdated compared to the Maganda Na phones. And for the price of Php5,499 – you’ll only get 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage which is not enough anymore. You’ll need to pay up to Php8,999 to even get the max 6+128GB variant, but for that price point, there’s much better options out there.

Infinix Smart 7

Again, our reasons why the Infinix Smart 7 should go down one story to the Sakto Lang section reflects as the Spark Go 2023. Helio A22, attractive pricing, and a back fingerprint sensor are all fine specifications for the starting price of Php3,699.

That was fine and dandy a few months ago but remember, Itel S23 4G is here and it offers 4+128GB for only Php3,899, with a better Unisoc T606 chipset, a side-mounted fingerprint scanner, and a 50MP snapper– what more can you ask for?

Infinix Hot 20 Play

For Php6,499, there was nothing really bad about this device, until the Infinix Hot 30 Play launched. They have the same Helio G37 chipset, a 6.82-inch IPS LCD with 90Hz, the same 5,000mAh battery with 18W of charging, and the same build quality to it.

What the Infinix Hot 30 Play’s edge over the Hot 20 Play is significant enough to dethrone it down to the Sakto Lang corner are the following: 8GB of physical RAM (versus 20 Play’s 4GB), a 50MP camera sensor (over the former’s 13MP), side-mounted fingerprint scanner (over the 20 Play’s rear placement), and a newer Android 13 with XOS 12.6 over the Hot 20 Play’s Android 12/XOS 10.6.

It’s still a nice phone, but the existence of the better Hot 30 Play warranted the Hot 20 Play to step down from Maganda na to Sakto Lang.

The newcomers Infinix Note 30 4G, Infinix Note 30 5G, Infinix Hot 30 Play, Tecno Spark 10C and the Itel S23 4G are next.

Infinix NOTE 30 4G

For only Php7,999 – you’ll get a powerful Helio G99 chipset with a 120Hz refresh rate that’s kind of rare within this range to see. Add in a good 64 MP camera sensor, JBL tuned dual speakers, a massive screen, and a trendy design– you just got yourself the perfect daily driving device under 10K pesos.

Add in the fast 45W charger, and you have a Super Sulit device worthy of the title indeed.

Infinix NOTE 30 5G

Swapping the Helio G99 chipset for a 5G-capable Dimensity 6080 one, the same great specs from the Infinix NOTE 30 4G are all here with the 5G version that doesn’t cut any corners for less. The JBL speaker collaboration is also here, so expect above-average sound quality here as well.

Paired with a surefire collaboration from Moonton to include a Mobile Legends: Bang Bang case to incite that gamer spirit within you, it’s no secret that the Infinix Note 30 5G is a bonafide Super Sulit addition for just Php9,499 for the 8+128GB variant and a peso shy of 10K will get you the 8+256GB option.

Check out our review here: https://unboxdiaries.com/infinix-note-30-full-review-under-10k-juggernaut/

Tecno Spark 10C

We will make this quick here: it has the same specs as the Infinix Hot 30i and Itel S23 4G, and we decided to rank it as just Sakto Lang. Why? Unlike the Itel S23 4G’s Php3,899 pricing and the Hot 30i’s Php4,299 price tag, the Spark 10C is priced at Php5,499, which is redundant when there are phones that offer the same features for less cash too good to let the Spark 10C pass within the Sakto Lang borders.

Check out our review here: https://unboxdiaries.com/tecno-spark-10c-review-an-iphone-on-an-entry-level-android-phone/

Infinix Hot 30 Play

For the same price of Php6,499 as the Hot 20 Play, you’ll get upgrades like double the RAM from 4GB to 8GB, a 50 MP main camera instead of 13 MP, a side-mounted fingerprint scanner instead of the rear one from the 20 Play, and above all– a design choice that’s fresher and trendier than the former.

With that, it deserves to take the Maganda na spot from its brother from now on.

itel S23 4G

And finally, the phone of the hour: the unsung third child of Transsion besides the more popular Infinix and Tecno, itel came with a bang this 2023 with the S23 4G. Because of its super affordable Php3,899 price tag for the default 4+128GB variant, and just Php4,299 for the 8+128GB option which doubles its Virtual RAM capacity from 4GB to 8GB for a total of 16GB, the itel S23 4G is simply a rare occurrence in the PH smartphone market that offers such a good phone for such a very cheap price, you’ll be wondering if they will see any profit from it.

Aside from its alluring price, there’s a very capable Unisoc T606 SoC inside which scores around 250,000 points in AnTuTu v.10, a 50 MP camera, a pair of earphones, a hard case, and a smooth 90 Hz refresh rate. However, the camera isn’t that great but serviceable (and also expected for a price within this price point), this offering prevents the itel S23 4G from reaching the immaculate Super Sulit spot for now, but a Maganda na is also great as well.

Check out our full review here: https://unboxdiaries.com/itel-s23-4g-review-the-new-budget-phone-king/

And there you have it, we ranked it all again and we will update it again soon once there are enough phones to be ranked that will challenge the current status quo of our highly coveted tier list. 

A quick summary of the 2023 10K Tier List update:

  • Tecno Spark 10 goes down from Maganda na to Sakto Lang because it can’t match the Infinix Hot 30i which is more capable and better overall for less asking price tag of Php4,299
  • realme C55, Tecno Spark Go 2023, Redmi 12C, Infinix Smart 7, and Infinix Hot 20 Play all go down from Maganda na to Sakto Lang because of the threat and overall value-for-money status of the Itel S23 4G, while Hot 20 Play is replaced by the better Hot 30 Play
  • Newcomer Infinix NOTE 30 4G and Infinix NOTE 30 5G easily bagged two spots in the highly coveted Super Sulit ranking
  • Tecno Spark 10C is ranked as Sakto Lang due to similarities to Itel S23 4G and Infinix Hot 30i but with a much steeper Php5,499 price point
  • Infinix Hot 30 Play dethroned the Hot 20 Play’s Maganda na spot because of major improvements over the two smartphones at the same price point
  • Itel S23 4G secured a Maganda na spot because of its highly affordable pricing and decent specs that fell short to get a Super Sulit spot because of its lackluster camera module

Love content like this? We will update you regarding our 2023 20K below and 30K below list once there is new progress about the smartphones inside those lists.

Check the whole tier list right here:


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