How to create the Trending Wes Anderson Trend on TikTok

Recently, a Wes Anderson trend has been spreading like wildfire on TikTok, and it’s stunning! We will now help you hop on the trend by showing you how to make it. Who/What is Wes Anderson Wes Anderson is an accomplished filmmaker known for his unique cinematic style, characterized by symmetrical shots, warm-toned and saturated filters, […]

HONOR announces 5.5 Sale with massive discounts!

HONOR introduces its special deals for the upcoming 5.5 Super Sale with massive discounts on several products! HONOR 5.5 deals unveiled! The brand also mentioned up to PHP 2000 discounts alongside exciting bundles and FREE shipping nationwide. Among the devices on sale will be the HONOR X7a, X8a, X9a, X6, and MagicBook X laptops. Apart from that, HONOR Pad 8 […]

OPPO announced 5.5 sale with up to 59% discounts!

Multiple smartphone models from OPPO are going to receive discounts on the upcoming 5.5 mega sales OPPO outs 5.5 deals! OPPO is reminding everyone that there will be discounts, e-comm vouchers, special freebies, and bundle deals on May 5 that you may get on Lazada or Shopee. Along with the significant discount, you can also […]

Media files on Messenger are missing!?

Check your messenger folks! Netizens on Thursday aired their frustration after finding out that some media files, including photos and videos, have become unavailable on the Messenger app In a tweet, one netizen said: “Is it just me, but media/files/links shared on Messenger are suddenly GONE?? I checked the chat between me and a friend […]

You can now log into your Google account with a passkey, instead of a password

Recently, Google has proudly announced “the beginning of the end of the password”. That’s because, for the first time, it’s begun rolling out passkeys, which it dubs “the easiest and most secure way to sign in to apps and websites and a major step toward a passwordless future” Passkeys let you sign in to apps and […]

How to watch NBA playoffs in the Philippines

The NBA is currently in the Playoffs stage and we are seeing tough and thrilling matchups that we have waited for so long. Here is how you can watch the NBA playoffs in the Philippines. 1. Watch through broadcastings You can watch the intense NBA Playoffs 2023 action live in the Philippines through various broadcasting […]

Top 5 features of the Xiami 13 Ultra

Xiaomi, the popular smartphone brand, recently introduced its latest flagship device, the Mi 13 Ultra. Although the phone has already hit the Chinese market, there was a particular model that wasn’t previously available until now, the white one. 5 features of the Xiaomi 13 Ultra that will grab anyone’s attention. 1. Bright and Immersive Display […]

Samsung Galaxy A24 Ranked!

Samsung has recently released a mid-range smartphone that may be well suited for the needs of the masses! The Samsung Galaxy A24 4G has a Helio G99, 8GB RAM, and 128GB ROM! It also has a 90Hz display and a 5000 mAh battery with 25W fast charging! It even looks great, and it has a premium feel. The smartphone is extremely gorgeous, as expected […]

Apple faces a $2B lawsuit for deliberately slowing down iPhones in London.

Apple is currently facing a massive $2 billion lawsuit in London. It is being accused of hiding defective batteries in millions of iPhones. The lawsuit, brought by consumer champion Justin Gutmann, alleges that Apple “throttled” specific phone models. He claims they did this by secretly installing a power management tool that limited their performance. According […]