YouTube plans to put 4K resolution option behind a paywall

Would that really even matter if you have a 720p smartphone display? Well, no. But Susan and her friends is getting a tad greedier these days perhaps.

Ah yes, YouTube: the number one video-sharing platform in the world, and in history. But recently, the mega company plans to put the 4K resolution option behind a paywall, as part of the features of their YouTube Premium.

For now, we can still bask in the glory of watching 4K videos for free. That means if this implementation really happened, there’ll be no superb 4K nature videos unless you pay for it. Since then, some users via Reddit and Twitter are showing their YouTube resolution options already have the “4K for pay” feature.

Right now, you can get a Premium subscription for only ₱159/month with an extra month free after you registered. The usual stuff is in there like ad-free watching, background audio capability when you switch tabs, and the ability to watch while you’re doing something else via a small window.

Of course, by putting the 4K option behind a paywall, YouTube will reap much more earnings if they decided to push it.

When asked for a statement about this plan, Team YouTube via Twitter said that it is a “part of their experiment” to implement better features for Premium and Free users. And as happening right now, the experiment is already leaving a bad taste on the users.


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