5 Nothing Devices that could crush every tech brand!

Towards the end of January, Nothing posted a video on YouTube reacting to some renderings of different products that the Nothing community members came up with. The products included a Nothing Book, Nothing Watch, Nothing headphones, even the Nothing Phone 2 and others. Let’s take a look at each one of them.

1. Nothing Watch

The concept of the Nothing watch was developed by a guy called JunSeo Oh who is an Industrial Engineer from Korea and it is absolutely stunning. The design seems to have gotten most of its inspiration from the Apple watch silhouette with a twist of the Nothing transparent touch to it.

This designed would definitely earn a spot on the top premium smartwatch list and the most interesting thing is , unlike Apple, Nothing devices would probably come at a cheaper cost.

2. Nothing Book 1

One of the devices that stood out the most in this video was the Nothing Book 1 concept which was designed and rendered Concept Central. The renderings depict a white laptop which almost has an entire transparent base panel showing the beautiful components below. Not only does this feature cater for aesthetics, but the right side of the base panel actually has a wireless charging coil which they demonstrate using the case for the Nothing Ear 1s or 2s.

The combination of aesthetics and functionality in this design makes it a top notch killer, let alone the signature “Glyph” which is the white LED stripes commonly associated with Nothing.

3. Nothing Head 1

Another interesting concept from the Nothing community was the Nothing head 1 which are basically headphones. The approach on this follows a minimalistic and clean approach exposing the top notch internal components arrangement. The entire skeleton of the headphones seems to be covered with the same transparent plastic material leaving only the buttons section and the headphones jack. It is also interesting to see the glyph which in this case indicates battery levels and connectivity.

4. Nothing Wireless Charger

This Nothing Wireless charger concept is something that would absolutely be a blast if they made it the way its portrayed in this rendering. The concept was made by UghDitya. The concept is simple but creative showing the Nothing Wireless pad with a glyph and a transparent charging pad and the Nothing Branding. The coil is also exposed in this design giving it a transparent feel and an immersive vibe.

5. Nothing Smart Speaker

Among all the concepts, this was my least favorite despite the fact that it still is an awesome device concept. The design features a transparent cover which makes up the majority of the device’s volume. It also seems to have gigantic red button which reams to be a speaker’s diaphragm. Despite that, the design also has a potential to be a top pick for most people, especially those who are already Nothing Super Fans

What do you think of these concepts and which one would you probably go for first if there were ever released?


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