A Quick Look at the Samsung Galaxy M23, M33 

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Samsung’s Galaxy M series afforded a variety of users different types of phones at varying price points. From the super budget-friendly Samsung Galaxy M01 to the more premium Galaxy M51, customers had a lot to choose from.


Sadly, the Galaxy M51 isn’t available anymore, and it was a good deal too! Samsung’s #Megabeast promotion caused stocks to be sold out similar to how fast the Redmi Note 11 Pro of 2021 last year were off the shelves here in the Philippines.


While it’s still early to jump to conclusions, the Samsung Galaxy M23’s leaked specs from the Google Play Console show that the unit is using an SOC with a dual 2.4GHz core plus 6 cores of 1.8GHZ. This information is also available on Samsung’s Mobile Press website.


The M Series “signature” notch.


The unit is also shown to be compatible with 1080×2400 displays, which is a massive improvement over the previous Samsung Galaxy M22. However, the type of display used is TFT, so, kayo na mag judge.


The Samsung Galaxy M33 will be using the same setup: an octa core chipset but with a 6GB or 8GB configuration with 128GB of storage.




The new Samsung Galaxy M33 will be powered by a 6000mAh battery, while the other one will have a 5000mAh battery.


The Samsung Galaxy M33 will also have a quad camera setup, and the M23 will have a triple camera setup, as well as 5G capability.


The 5G versions of the two devices are already official in India. The estimated equivalent (not confirmed) is around PHP14,250 for the Samsung Galaxy M33. No estimates are available for the Samsung Galaxy M23 yet.


While the Samsung Galaxy M23 and M33 might not be available in the Philippines now, you can check the other Samsung Galaxy M phones below.


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