Android 13 Tiramisu: Here’s What You Need to Know

Android 13 is coming out soon, and the developers have named it Tiramisu. The Android 13 will be released sometime this coming August and it’s bringing new and exciting features for all devices in its niche.

Most of the new features revolve around design aesthetics. In this case, the new feature “Material You” will bring a more unified approach when it comes to color schemes and app icons. And speaking of icons, Android 13 will have built-in customization that is compatible with 3rd party icon packs.

Android users will be surprised by the intuitiveness of the theme – the app icons, color palette, and possibly even the font will adjust automatically based on the current wallpaper. Android 13 eliminates the need to search for the best combination of app icons and backgrounds.

In addition to custom skins, Android 13 will also bring an end-to-end encryption feature in group chats. It’s easy enough to develop protocols for end-to-end encryption for two-person chats, but it’s a different situation altogether if it’s in a group message.

Android 13 is also helping users with their privacy by limiting access to personal data. The OS is upping the restrictions on apps. There will be a page dedicated to security and privacy settings that will make it easier for users to monitor what vulnerabilities are present in their phones.

There will also be new updates to the clock styles. Users can toggle between two styles of clocks which will come in handy – one analog clock for the aesthetics should make for more wallpaper space, while the digital one could stand in as a timer if focusing on tasks. 

There are other features in the update too, like per-app language settings, true silent mode, Fast pair feature (Bluetooth), and cleaner emoji graphics.


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