Apex Legends Mobile is Now Out!

Apex Legends is a popular video game with heavy first-person shooter elements, thrown in with some Hunger Games-esque, last-man-standing (or in this case, last group standing) game play mechanics.


The game has a player base of 100 million all scattered throughout the globe. The game was initially released in February 4, 2019 and has gained a following for its distinct playstyle, in comparison to other online multiplayer FPS games like Valorant and Rainbow Six Siege.

This year, they’ve also announced their plans for releasing the game, at inilabas na nga nila just a few hours ago. 

Apex Legends Mobile is expected to differ from the PC and console versions. 

Here’s a quick view of the game play: 

Expect increased difficulty on the mobile version – the first few items will provide partial healing and smaller magazine size for the guns, but as the game progresses, better loot will appear on the maps.

The mobile version will showcase the very same Legends present in the game, with the likes of Wraith, Pathfinder, Horizon and Valkyrie.


Some of the mechanics present in the PC version and the console version will also be available in the mobile game – reviving teammates will be done similarly, death boxes appear when allies die on Frontier, and the ping system is available for anyone who doesn’t like to use voice chat.

A study published last year may have assisted the rise of popularity of mobile games, especially co-op FPS games, during the COVID pandemic. 


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