Apple bringing karaoke mode : Apple Music Sing this December!

Apple just announced that they will be releasing a new karaoke feature on the apple Music app called Apple Music Sing where users can have karaoke experiences and sing their lungs out.  

With Apple Music Sing, you can modify the vocal level to better hear your singing voice while singing along to real-time lyrics on Apple Music. One of the other cool features is that the background vocals can appear independently of main vocals. Apart from that, Apple also and there will be a duet view as well if you want to sing along with a friend. It seems like apple has been taking a lot of lessons from other Karaoke apps like WeSing…

Apple will have more than 50 “dedicated companion playlists” featuring karaoke-ready songs that you can pick from. Apple’s vice president of Apple Music and Beats, Oliver Schusser, also claimed his confidence with the new feature saying ” We already know our users all over the world love to follow along to their favorite songs, so we wanted to evolve this offering even further to enable even more engagement around music through singing. It’s really a lot of fun, our customers are going to love it.”

Since there are already other Karaoke Apps, it is uncertain if users would be willing to stick to their favorite apps or chose to have their music and karaoke all in one place. Could this even trigger other android users to join the Apple gang? Tell us your thoughts.


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