Apple Dominates Global Refurbished Smartphone Market in 2022

Apple has a great brand name for quality and dependability, which helps them succeed in the refurbished phone market

Lastly, Apple’s marketing and sales strategies effectively communicate the benefits of buying a refurbished phone, which helps to build consumer trust and increase sales. For all these reasons, Apple was the leader in the global refurbished phone market in the year 2022.

COVID-19 affected the Market for Refurbished Devices in 2022 

According to Counterpoint Research’s Global Refurb Smartphone Tracker, the global secondary smartphone market grew by 5% in 2022, as the demand for refurbished smartphones continued to increase. However, the growth could have been higher if not for the steep 17% decline in China’s refurbished smartphone sales, which was caused by a resurgence of COVID-19 and the introduction of “COVID-Zero” policies in the country.

iPhone Research

Apple’s global volumes in 2022, taking its secondary market share to over 49%. It is the fastest-growing brand in the used and refurbished sectors globally. However, Samsung’s share decreased to 26% in 2022 from 28% in 2021, mainly due to a small percentage shift of Android consumers to iOS, which affected Samsung refurbished sales.

Why even buy refurbished iPhones?

Even now, refurbished iPhones are popular among Filipinos and can be found at aftermarkets like Greenshills, Baclaran, and online gadget stores. Wondering why refurbished iPhones are popular among Filipinos? Well:

  • Price – buying a used/refurbished iPhone is definitely cheaper than buying an expensive new iPhone.
  • Reliability – Phones are known to offer fantastic support and prolonged software updates for up to 5 years within their well-guarded ecosystem!
  • Social Status – It’s no secret that if you have an iPhone, you will look well-off and “asensado”.

Filipinos love to show off and what brand of device is more suitable for it? Well, Apple has a great brand name for quality and dependability, which helps them succeed in the refurbished phone market. If you want an even cheaper smartphone that looks just like an iPhone, well check out our iPhone 14 Fake Max video and review!

For legitimate cheaper iPhones found in Greenhills, check out this article below!


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