Apple is in shambles between Type-C and Lightning ports for the next iPhone

What’s the question: to Type-C or not to Type-C? Apple is currently having a mid-life crisis after the EU law to switch to a mandatory Type-C port

The eagerly awaited iPhone 15 series will be unveiled by Apple in September. The phone will have a radical change this year in addition to the usual performance upgrades and new features. But this year will bring about a big change because the business must follow European Union rules.

Image: PCMag

Apple will introduce an iPhone that has a USB-C port rather than the conventional Lightning port. Even so, the business does not seem particularly eager to make the change. According to recent information, Apple may have even considered making an iPhone 15 with a Lightning port before deciding to use USB-C instead.

It stands to reason that creating a flagship-level smartphone is not an easy task. Businesses must begin the development process far in advance. This is true of Apple as well. Every time the business releases a new iPhone, they have already started developing the following one. This frequently results in early information about the phone being leaked.

A researcher going by the handle Unknownz21 on Twitter claims that Apple prepared the initial prototype models for the iPhone 15 in January 2022. However, the choice to utilize USB-C didn’t become official until March. After that, only versions with USB-C ports were being worked on; however, “There was an early version with a lightning port, but it was quickly scrapped.”

Although the company was compelled by the European Union to give up the Lightning port, this development was not entirely unexpected. Apple has been using the USB-C port in its other products for a long time. For iPhones and AirPods, the company insisted on using the Lightning port.

Due to having to use different chargers for various devices, users within the ecosystem became irritated. The Lightning port was also criticized for being too slow for many people. The remedy proposed by the European Union, though, might not last forever.

Apple, which despises relying on outside sources, might not have to use USB-C charging for very long. The business has been making investments in MagSafe, a wireless charging technology, for some time. If they can use this feature to enable data transfer as well, USB-C may only be a short-term fix.


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