Apple yet again removed another accessory, this time for its TV

Well, no Siri Remote charger for you anymore, buddy! (Unless you buy one separately, then you can have it back)

One of the priciest brands in the world is Apple. Customers of the business are very loyal. It seems like Apple is now attempting to capitalize on this devotion. Apple removed the charger from the iPhone package in the sake of environmental conservation.

However, the business generates more money by selling chargers individually. The Siri remote’s charging wire is not included when the new 2022 Apple TV 4K is shipped, according to a statement made by Apple today. This will require users to purchase it separately. A Lightning wire for charging the remote is included in the box with earlier Apple TV models.

If you’re planning to get an Apple TV, keep in mind that they lessened the accessories again. You will still have the remote with uses Type-C now, but if you’re planning to have a spare, no charger for you, hotshot.

A USB Type-C connection is included on the new Siri Remote that was unveiled today for charging. Compared to the standard Lightning port, this is different.

However, a USB Type-C cable is not included in the box with the new Apple TV 4K. When the Siri Remote must be ordered separately for ₱3,990 through its online shop, Apple no longer provides a charging wire. A braided 1-meter USB Type-C cable with a price tag of ₱1,190 is now available from Apple.

The Lightning to USB Type-C cable is still included with the iPhone even after you take the charger out of the box. The device can therefore at least be charged using a Mac or other device. There are no longer any charging accessories included with the Siri Remote.

The new 4K TV is now available for pre-order and will go on sale on Friday, November 4th, in the US and more than 30 other nations including the PH (though you can just pre-order for now).

The A15 bionic chip, compatibility for HDR10+, a starting price of ₱9,490 (₱10,990 if you want Ethernet) up to 128GB of storage space, a slimmer and lighter fanless design, and an upgraded Siri remote control are the primary new features of the gadget.

It should be mentioned that in Brazil, the new Apple TV 4K box still comes with a charging wire. In Brazil, even the iPhone 12 and 13 series are sold with a charger (that’s a huge win!).


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