Apple watch crash detection is an epic fail!!

Due to the inefficient crash detection feature, Apple watches have been flooding 911 dispatchers with false alarms.

In Colorado, dispatchers and responders appear to be growing more irate with the most recent complaint of the problem. False alarms are the last thing any 911 dispatcher or first responder needs to deal with. However, that issue seems to have gotten worse ever since Apple introduced its Crash Detection tool.

The Apple Watch Ultra and the iPhone 14 are the only devices that have the capability. The feature sends an SOS to emergency services when it believes you have been in an accident.The feature has been unintentionally activated by skiers in Summit County, Colorado, according to a report by The New York Times. First responders are concerned that their few resources may be diverted from actual crises because the issue has become so widespread. Additionally, they are concerned that dispatchers may grow numb to these automated crisis calls.

Apple reportedly sent four representatives to the call center to examine it for a day after being made aware of the problem. Then, Alex Kirschner, an Apple spokesman, made the following declaration.

We have been aware that in some specific scenarios these features have triggered emergency services when a user didn’t experience a severe car crash or hard fall. Crash Detection and Fall Detection are designed to get users help when they need it most, and it has already contributed to saving several lives.

Before initiating a distress call, Crash Detection often warns the user, giving them 10 seconds to turn it off. Skiers are wearing numerous layers of gear, so they aren’t hearing the buzzing or loud noises. According to Apple, improvements made available around the end of 2022 “had been meant to ‘optimize’ the system and decrease the frequency of erroneous calls.”

Apple should definitely revisit this feature and make adjustments before things continue to get out of hand.


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