SD 8 Gen 3 specs leak, 32-bit apps no longer supported

It’s the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen news again, now with improved info regarding the upcoming 8 Gen 3 specs and its abandonment of the 32-bit realm A trustworthy source and developer named Kuba Wojciechowski tweeted some exciting information regarding Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor on March 24. The processor’s model number is “SM8650,” and […]

POCO X4 Pro 5G camera app crashes

Looks like the POCO/Xiaomi malfunction era hasn’t been cured yet, as a user from India experienced a slew of issues with his POCO X4 Pro 5G Remember the POCO M3 fiasco where after updating, many devices suffered dead boot issues? How about the green screen/ghosting issue that left many users in shambles in their Redmi […]

Linus Tech Tips’ YouTube channel hacked

One of the biggest tech YouTubers in the world got its official YouTube account hacked with no official statement from Linus Group as of now One hour ago, news surfaced from Reddit about Linus Sebastian’s flagship YouTube channel had been hacked and replaced with weird cryptocurrency videos. Linus Sebastian, one of the most popular and […]

Ulefone Armor Pad rugged tablet officially released

Get a load of this rugged tablet beast from Ulefone, perfect for all rugged conditions and situations, Ulefone’s got your back The Ulefone Armor Pad is extremely tough and designed to withstand daily use’s wear and tear, so it can take any risks that may arise and withstand rigorous outdoor use. The Armor Pad has […]

Remember Pebble? They’re making a small compact flagship phone

Pebble’s creator, Eric Migicovsky, has previously pleaded for a tiny Android phone to rival the iPhone Mini Migicovsky’s Small Android Phone petition has developed into a community-based project with a team working to design and manufacture the phone in light of Apple’s decision to stop making small phones. 38,700 people signed the petition so far. […]

Genshin Impact on a 10-year-old Galaxy Pocket Neo? Let’s debunk this!

A viral photo is making rounds around Facebook right now that depicts Genshin Impact being installed on a 10-year-old Samsung phone, is this true? If you’re deep into meme culture, chances are that you scrolled past this picture circling around the internet. You also know by now that this phone can’t run Genshin Impact (even […]

Beware of scammers posing as Unbox Diaries!

We have received many reports from people telling us about scammers posing as Unbox Diaries and we are here to clear things up Being a popular personality here in the Philippines and overseas, some times, people with bad motives tend to pose as us in order to scam people of all walks of life. Recently, […]

Tier list roundup: Infinix Smart 7

You know we have to put it somewhere on the list right? We bet that many people (including you reading this right now) doesn’t even know that this device is widely available in the Philippines since February 27– but we don’t blame you. Released to no fanfare and the bare minimum when it comes to […]

Google Pixel 7a prototype was found on eBay ahead before the launch

With an asking price tag of around $2,500– would you rather be buying a finished version of the 7a for under $500 than splurge on a prototype? A purported Pixel 7a prototype has now been spotted on eBay, and the listing includes images of the device in use. A Pixel 7a prototype is reportedly being […]

OPPO’s Find X6 and Pad 2 will hit the market on March 21st

One of the most anticipated releases from OPPO, the Find X6 finally gets an official release date together with the Pad 2 According to the information posted on the company’s website, Oppo will unveil the Find X6 and Pad 2 devices on March 21. Users have five days to sign up for a notification when […]

Infinix Note 12 for only Php937 pesos? Legit or scam?

One of our team here in Unbox Diaries spotted a somewhat sketchy yet enticing sponsored ad on Facebook at apparently offers an Infinix device for less than a thousand pesos We humans love free stuff and we can’t deny that if getting it free isn’t an option, maybe buying it at the cheapest possible price […]

realme 10T 5G specs and design revealed, will hit stores on March 21st

There’s a new variation of the realme 10 coming around this March 21st, and its name is the realme 10T 5G! Six smartphones are currently available as part of the realme 10 series: the realme 10, realme 10 5G, realme 10s, realme 10s Pro, realme 10s Pro Coca-Cola Edition, and realme 10 Pro+. The Coca-Cola […]

Redmi Note 12 Series finally goes global

We have been waiting for a long time for the international release of the much-anticipated Redmi Note 12 Series, and now we’ve got to experience it China and India both sell smartphones from the Redmi Note 12 series. We also featured one on our YouTube channel, take note. The brand is currently preparing to introduce […]

PlayStation 6 design rumors leaked, and no PS5 Pro coming?

There’s been news regarding the kickstart of Playstation 6 manufacturing now, but there’s no clarification on whether there will be a PS5 Pro Since its release in November 2020, the PlayStation 5 (PS5) has enjoyed tremendous success in the gaming industry. The PS5 has outsold its predecessor, the PS4, in the same period of time […]

Infinix Hot 30i live images leaked, release date in India determined

Infinix is set to release the Infinix Hot 30i this March 27 in India, but thanks to Gizmochina, we get an exclusive look at what we should expect The Hot 30i, a brand-new smartphone from Infinix, will make its debut in India on March 27. In a recent article, Gizmochina shared some real-time pictures of […]

Doogee R10 rugged tablet with Helio G99 announced

Remember the Doogee T10? It’s the debut tablet released by Doogee which is well-known for its rugged devices with crazy battery sizes — the Doogee R10 is no exception The Doogee R10 is a strange tablet with a rugged construction and a decent mid-range chip hitting the shelves around May this year. The Doogee R10 […]

Top 5 budget phones under 6k that can run Mobile Legends smoothly

6K mystery finds ba para sa smooth Mobile Legends gameplay? We’ve got you, partner! Get ready for your cash and elibaps na ng smartphones na ituuu! We all know by now that smartphones aren’t that cheap, to begin with, at least in our country with all the inflations and corruption– indulging in buying a very […]

Call of Duty Mobile on its last legs: Warzone is the game to be

With the recent purchase of Microsoft in the entire Activision-Blizzard company, looks like the change in management will lead to Call of Duty: Mobile’s farewell Microsoft recently stated that in a response for the United Kingdom’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) that “Call of Duty: Mobile is expected to be phased out over time (outside […]

TECNO Spark 10 Pro is the most iPhone looking Android Phone, period.

Here are the top five reasons why TECNO Spark 10 Pro is the most iPhone-looking smartphone you can buy right now, and for a fracrion of a price Do you feel like there are not many entry-level smartphones that are perfectly usable at all? Whenever you buy phones under this price range, everything isn’t seamless […]

UD Asks: Will ChatGPT replace writing as we know it?

There’s an ongoing debate today whether ChatGPT can replace human writers as we know it for research, assignments, fiction, and everything. Short answer: no. This article is written with the help of ChatGPT (its words will be highlighted in red to differentiate it from actual human writing). Since ChatGPT’s release into the internet wild west, […]

UD Asks: When you should buy a new smartphone?

Do you really need to buy a new smartphone, or your phone is just good enough to last you for a couple of years more? Let’s find out. Smartphones are essential tools in contemporary life, and it’s no secret that technology is developing quickly. Every year, there are new models and features released, making it […]

UD Asks: is my smartphone capable enough to run the latest apps and games?

Tech is advancing so fast at the speed of Mach 10 and you don’t want your phone to be outdated, so the question: is it capable now? One of the key factors affecting how well a smartphone performs is the phone’s processor. It manages and processes the data, applications, and other functions of the device’s […]

Smartphones with the longest battery life according to DxOMark

We tapped into DxOMark to look at which are the ten smartphones today with the longest battery life! We want the best battery life possible so we can use our smartphones longer and do fewer recharging trips — since no one wants to be clinging to their charger all day long. P.S. Rugged phones aren’t […]

The best smartphones with small battery capacity

Bigger doesn’t always mean it’s always better, these are five smartphones with a small battery capacity that manages to kick some real competition! Smartphones have become an integral part of our daily lives, serving as a source of communication, entertainment, and productivity. With advancements in technology, smartphones have become more powerful, but this has come […]

Top 10 worst processors 2023 according to NanoReview

These are the top 10 worst processors in 2023, according to the SoC aggregator site, NanoReview. Is your phone has any of these chipsets? Processors are the backbone of a smartphone so it’s appropriate to demand these SoC (system-on-a-chip) their best. But sometimes, due to multiple factors, our phone has a sluggish chipset inside, but […]

Smartphone charging speed technology: a timeline

We’ve come a long way when it comes to smartphone charging speed tech, but who was the first to do it? Who’s the fastest now? In this article, we created a table of some of the milestone charging speeds over the last decade to determine who started it and who dominates now! Also, keep in […]

Top five 5G phones under 10K in the Philippines

Picture this: You have 10k pesos, and a desire to buy a smartphone with 5G capabilities– what you should do? Read this article! Even though you’re on a budget, you shouldn’t be deprived of having the latest tech, like having peace of mind because you have 5G future-proofing now. Here are the five most affordable […]

Get to know more about Lazada’s epic 11th Birthday Sale today!

Its Lazada’s epic 11th birthday sale today? Are you ready to avail the latest deals and discounts now? We’re sure you are! Watch the 11th Birthday Super Show here on Facebook Live: Lazada, one of the most-trusted e-commerce services here in the Philippines is currently celebrating its “Lazada’s Epic 11th birthday” in the country […]