Bondee is the new HOTTEST social media app right now!

From creating your own avatar to decorating your room, here’s everything you need to know about the new app taking Asia by storm.

The new social networking software has taken Asia by storm, topping app store charts in several nations, just 10 days after its official launch on January 17. This article will show you about the new app from the firm Metadream to find out why your friends have started posting screenshots of virtual picnics and cutesy avatars and QR codes on their Instagram Stories.

What is Bondee?

Bondee is a new social networking platform developed by Singapore-based technology company Metadream. Billed as a “next-generation social app,” Bondee features user-customizable 3D animated avatars (think Animal Crossing).

The world of Bondee is your oyster when it comes to customizing your avatar, including its appearance, emotions (think status updates and facial expressions), interests, and living quarters.

Users of Bondee can talk with friends while their avatars engage in a variety of virtual activities, including sailing, swinging, dancing, and more. The rooms of your avatars can be visited, and you can even leave notes.

Why is Bondee so popular?

Bondee has grown rapidly in popularity since its January 2023 release, leading the Social Networking charts on the App Store in Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand. Bondee is among the top 10 apps in Japan, but it hasn’t yet cracked the top 10 in South Korea.

On social media, the app has received praise from some users for its adaptability and interactive features, while others have drawn analogies to games like Animal Crossing, Habbo Hotel, and Club Penguin.

How do I use Bondee?

Get the Bondee app first by visiting the App Store or Google Play. Using a mobile number and a password, register your account after downloading the app on your preferred device. From there, you can create an avatar according to your preferences using a wide range of cosmetic options, including facial traits, clothing, accessories/companions, and even a cat that you can pet.

Then you have to add your friends. Without friends, there’s not much you can do in Bondee. Search for usernames or scan QR codes (the latter is a more efficient way to find friends). After successfully adding a friend, you can start chatting with that friend. Besides the usual SMS options, there are also custom emojis and actions that affect both users in the chat. These can range from sitting on the couch, camping, picnicking, clubbing (aka dancing), and sitting on a swing. Individual actions include standing, sitting on the floor, beanbag chair, rocking chair, book, pile of money, jelly, and toilet.

Users can even use a sailing feature that lets their avatars explore the virtual environment and encounter new people they can get to know. Random notes will also be floating in the open sea, and there will be chances for you to win prizes like new equipment.

In Bondee, you can currently add up to 50 pals.

How do I design my room in Bondee?

After making your avatar, you can construct your own space with a wide range of furniture and accessories, such as bookcases, TVs, tables, sofas, potted plants, musical instruments, and more. The posters in your Bondee room can be customized the most because you can submit your own photos for them.

Go wild, but bear in mind that a room has a finite amount of space, so you need carefully consider how to set out your room to get the most out of it.

You may quickly see your room and your friends’ rooms in a tessellation that resembles the cross-section of an apartment building once you’ve added pals to Bondee.

B-Beans purchase price:
100 B-Beans – S$1.48/RM4.90/THB35/PHP49/JPY160/KRW1,500
500 B-Beans – S$6.98/RM23.90/THB179/PHP249/JPY800/KRW7,500
1000 B-Beans – S$14.98/RM44.90/THB349/PHP499/JPY1,600/KRW15,000
2000 B-Beans – S$28.98/RM94.90/THB729/PHP999/JPY3,200/KRW 30,000
3000 B-Beans – S$44.98/RM144.90/THB1,100/PHP1,490/JPY4,800/KRW45,000
5000 B-Beans – S$68.98/RM239.90/THB1,800/PHP2,390/JPY8,000/KRW79,000

Several clothes in the app are now available for a “limited free trial,” indicating that after the trial expires, these outfits might need to be bought using B-Beans.

Who is Bondee’s mastermind?

A Singapore-based tech firm Metadream created Bondee. The intellectual property was purchased by independent technology startup Metadream in May of last year. With the Metadream team making creative adjustments to for the last six months before to its introduction earlier this year, served as the model for what would eventually become Bondee.

Is Bondee an NFT app?

Yes Bondee is indeed an NFT app with blockchain components. However, the NFTs feature appears to not have yet been implemented, but this is noted in the company’s official privacy statement.

Users will be able to “establish a blockchain-based wallet on the public blockchain within the platform,” according to the privacy statement. B-Beans can be used to buy NFTs, which can then be held in users’ blockchain wallets, while B-Beans are bought using real-world money.


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