Retro game emulators may be allowed again in the Apple App Store

Apple is loosening up its rules to bring back retro game emulators into the iOS ecosystem. Developers of emulators may soon regain a lost market after Apple updated its App Store guidelines. The update seems to ease restrictions on emulators provided they follow the changes. This suggests that the company is now open to reviewing […]

iPhone SE 4 design confirmed to be based on the iPhone 14

Apple’s budget-friendly iPhone SE series is known for borrowing designs from older iPhones. The original took after the iPhone 5s, and the 2020 and 2022 models sported the iPhone 6-8 chassis. Now, it seems the SE is ready for another upgrade, with leaked metal dummy revealing an iPhone 14-inspired design. iPhone SE 4 metal dummy, […]

iPhone 12 gets surprise 15W wireless charging boost with iOS 17.4

While the EU Digital Markets Act compliance dominated headlines for iOS 17.4, a hidden gem emerged for iPhone 12 users. The update seemingly unlocked support for the new Qi2 wireless charging standard. Macworld’s tests confirmed that iPhone 12 with iOS 17.4 now charges at 15W on Qi2 chargers, even those not Apple’s MagSafe. This is […]

Apple to unveil new software at WWDC 24: iOS 18, iPadOS 18, watchOS, macOS, etc.

Get ready for a week of software reveals! Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) returns from June 10th to 14th, 2024. Traditionally, the opening keynote showcases the latest versions of Apple’s operating systems, and this year is no different. Expect announcements for iOS 18, iPadOS 18, watchOS, tvOS, macOS, and potentially even visionOS. While the conference […]

Rumored Apple A18 Pro benchmark scores beats A17 Pro in raw performance

A18 Pro will have a bigger area for an improved neural engine. A non-pro version is rumored as well, possibly for iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus The iPhone 16 is expected to join the AI trend on smartphones. To make it happen, Apple is creating a chipset that can tap on-device AI capabilities. Recently, […]

First-Generation iPhone fetches over $130,000 at auction

A pristine first-generation iPhone recently sold for a whopping $130,027.20 at LCG Auctions. Recent auctions have underscored the enduring value of Apple memorabilia, particularly items associated with the company’s co-founder, Steve Jobs. However, a new development suggests that certain technological relics hold their own allure within the collector’s market. A factory-sealed, first-generation iPhone recently surpassed […]

US Department of Justice sues Apple over alleged smartphone monopoly

Apple has been criticized for hindering cloud gaming services by requiring individual game approvals, even for streamed titles. This allegedly stifles competition and discourages users from opting for cheaper devices, potentially forcing them to upgrade iPhones more frequently. The Department of Justice (DOJ) has taken aim at these practices. The Antitrust Division Chief, Jonathan Kanter, […]

Apple patent hints at adjustable stand for iMac

A recently discovered patent (filed in November 2023) reveals details for an adjustable stand designed for desktop computers, likely the iMac. Apple emphasizes the challenges associated with handling and transporting increasingly large yet thin displays. Their proposed solution addresses these concerns by focusing on a stand that enhances portability and minimizes space usage compared to […]

Apple granted patent for improved foldable display technology

Apple has been granted a patent for a new technology that aims to eliminate the crease often seen in foldable displays. This innovation involves thinning the display at the folding point using a chemical process, resulting in a smoother surface. The patent describes a transparent layer placed over the display to counteract any grooves that […]

EU’s DMA spurs Apple changes: Uninstalling Safari, switching to Android made simpler

The European Union’s recently enacted Digital Markets Act (DMA) is having a significant impact on Apple’s mobile ecosystem, particularly in the European market. The DMA, designed to promote fairer competition within the digital landscape, has compelled Apple to adopt several user-centric changes. One of the most notable changes is the allowance of third-party app stores […]

Chipset Wars: MediaTek Surges, Apple Reigns Supreme, and Samsung Stumbles

A new report reveals interesting insights about the companies who make the processors (brains) inside our smartphones. Here’s a quick breakdown: MediaTek is on Top This company took the lead in the final quarter of 2023, supplying processors for more smartphones than any other competitor. They even saw impressive growth of 21% compared to the […]

iPhone SE 4 renders leaked: iPhone 14 like design?

Apple’s popular budget iPhone, the iPhone SE, is getting a major makeover, according to leaked CAD renders. These images, obtained by 91Mobiles, reveal a significant departure from the previous models, embracing a modern design with a larger display, Face ID, and the much-anticipated USB-C port. Say goodbye to the home button: The most striking change […]

List of Apple devices compatible with iOS 18

MacRumors has offered insights into the anticipated iOS 18 update. While Apple has upheld its commitment to delivering prolonged software support for its devices, it is evident that the support for some models is drawing to a close—news that may disappoint users. The iPhone XR, introduced in 2018, stands out as the oldest iPhone model […]

The top 7 best-selling smartphones for 2023 are all iPhones

Android phones are facing a considerable challenge in keeping pace with the popularity of iPhones, as highlighted in a recent report by Counterpoint. The December 2023 sales data revealed a dominant performance by iPhones, with all top seven best-sellers belonging to Apple’s lineup, ranging from the iPhone 14 series to the iPhone 15 series. Even […]

Apple opposes new right-to-repair bill threatening its full control over device repairs

Apple isn’t letting go of its dominance over hardware parts and repair processes for its devices. On February 8, 2024, the Oregon State Legislature introduced the SB 1596 bill that challenges the practice of component encryption by manufacturers.  If you don’t know, many companies like Apple tend to encrypt hardware parts to protect customers from […]

Apple Vision Pro: Coolest features and functions you should know

Apple Vision Pro is the best VR headset today because it lets you experience spatial computing in the coolest way. When VR headsets come into play, the first thing is gaming. That’s because virtual reality lets you experience a different world through your senses. However, Apple changed that so proud users can study, work, and […]

A Foldable iPhone is still in development, launch slated for 2026?

Apple is actively exploring the realm of foldable iPhones, currently testing prototypes in hopes of overcoming design challenges and achieving mass production. Despite industry-wide concerns about foldable smartphone issues, Apple persists in refining its approach. The prospect of a foldable iPhone launch in 2026 hinges on addressing key obstacles and ensuring a reasonable price point. […]

Apple is world’s most admired company for 17 years in a row

Apple is number one in social responsibility, financial soundness, innovation, and global competitiveness in Fortune’s list of most admired companies. Among thousands of companies worldwide, one has maintained a strong lead for more than a decade now. Fortune’s “World’s Most Admired Companies” is topped by Apple for the 17th consecutive year. It’s no small feat […]

iPhone 17 to feature 3nm chips, anticipating 1.4nm advancements in the 2027 iPhone lineup

Last year, Apple made waves with the announcement of its highly anticipated M3 chips, engineered on TSMC’s cutting-edge 3nm architecture. The M3 Pro and M3 chips showcased significant performance improvements over their predecessors, the M2 chips. Well, according to a report, Apple is already in the early stages of developing its next-generation Apple Silicon. Apple […]

Apple tops global market share for 2023

Apple dominates worldwide mobile market share with 20.1% and over 234 million shipments. The creator of iOS is the victor of 2023, a new report found. The IDC Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker, January 15, 2024, revealed that Apple triumphed in both market share and shipment last year, despite the tight competition versus Android. “Apple […]

iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus to elevate performance with 8GB RAM and WiFi 6E support

The upcoming iPhone 16 lineup is poised for a noteworthy transformation in Apple’s approach to its standard models. Speculations are rife that the iPhone 16 and 16 Plus might undergo hardware enhancements traditionally reserved for their Pro counterparts, potentially bridging the performance and feature divide. Tech analyst Jeff Pu recently shared illuminating insights in an […]

realme 12 Pro Series flagship periscope camera rivals the iPhone 15 Pro Max and S23 Ultra?

realme’s 2024 CES event in Las Vegas showcased the realme 12 Pro Series, featuring a flagship periscope telephoto lens and a luxury watch design. The series introduces a groundbreaking periscope camera with 3x zoom, addressing the growing preference for higher zoom levels among young users. realme aims to make this flagship technology accessible to a […]

iPhone survives 16,000-Foot fall in Alaska Airlines accident

If you’ve been following global news, the recent incident involving Alaska Airlines Flight 1282 may have caught your attention. While ascending to its cruising altitude on a domestic route from Portland, Oregon, to Ontario, California, the Boeing 737 Max 9 experienced a startling event: a fuselage panel spontaneously detached, leading to a rapid loss of […]

Apple leads 2023 premium smartphone market with 71 percent market share

According to data from Counterpoint Research’s Market Pulse Service, the global premium smartphone shipments are poised to experience a robust 6 percent year-on-year growth in 2023. This category encompasses smartphones with a wholesale price exceeding $600. Impressively, the volumes have surged threefold in 2023 compared to 2016, defying the anticipated overall market decline for the […]

iOS 17.3 anti-theft feature: How does it work

New feature to protect sensitive information of iPhone owners is included in an upcoming iOS update. iPhone users are getting a new feature called Stolen Device Protection and it’s designed to shield sensitive information. How Does This New Security Feature Work on Your iPhone When you turn it on, the Stolen Device Protection will ask […]

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