iPhone 15 series design leaks!

The new iPhone 15 series, scheduled to debut in September of this year, is widely anticipated by Apple fans. Details about the upcoming flagship smartphones are already leaking, despite the launch being months away The latest leak was discovered by a Japanese website called Mac Otakara, which closely monitors all Apple-related news. Although it’s crucial […]

Apple dominates as the top selling smartphone brand in 2022

As per the latest Counterpoint Research report, eight of the top 10 top selling devices last year are from Apple Eight of the top ten devices were produced by Apple, with the iPhone 13 taking the top rank and accounting for 28% of all iPhone sales as well as an estimated 5% of global smartphone […]

MacBook Air 13 and 15 to be launched this summer with M3 chips

Reputable Apple expert Mark Gurman claims that the company intends to release new MacBook Air 13 and 15-inch models that are powered by the incoming M3 CPUs The new Macbook Air models will likely be announced sometime this spring or summer. Gurman suspects that both versions of the notebook will run on the M3 chip. […]

Apple pouring 1 billion euros into expanding the Munich Silicon Design Center

To expand the Munich Silicon Design Center expansion, Apple has invested an extra 1 billion euros in German R&D that are good for six years Apple said that the investment will help to create and construct a modern research establishment at Seidlstrasse. This will Apple’s R&D teams to convene in fresh and innovative ways, thus […]

Smartphones with the longest battery life according to DxOMark

We tapped into DxOMark to look at which are the ten smartphones today with the longest battery life! We want the best battery life possible so we can use our smartphones longer and do fewer recharging trips — since no one wants to be clinging to their charger all day long. P.S. Rugged phones aren’t […]

The best smartphones with small battery capacity

Bigger doesn’t always mean it’s always better, these are five smartphones with a small battery capacity that manages to kick some real competition! Smartphones have become an integral part of our daily lives, serving as a source of communication, entertainment, and productivity. With advancements in technology, smartphones have become more powerful, but this has come […]

Apple rumored to launch yellow iPhone 14 soon

Setsuna Digital, a Weibo user, claims that the company would introduce the yellow iPhone 14 and its plus variant this spring The iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max were launched in an Alpine Green color. The iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini were introduced in a plain green color. It is unknown whether […]

Global top 10 best performing iPhones according to AnTuTu

iPhones are a line of smartphones designed and marketed by Apple Inc. They are one of the most popular smartphone brands in the world and are known for their sleek design, advanced features, and user-friendly interface iPhone model AnTuTu benchmark score Chipset 1) iPhone 14 Pro 948841 A16 Bionic 2) iPhone 14 Pro Max 944801 […]

New iPhone SE w/6.1-Inch OLED Display and 5G Chip Planned

Reputable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo recently revealed that Apple has resumed work on a fourth-generation iPhone SE with a 6.1-inch OLED display and an Apple-designed 5G processor Kuo said the new iPhone SE will be similar to the standard iPhone 14, which features a 6.1-inch OLED display with thinner bezels. The current iPhone SE is […]

Why iPhone 14 Pro Max only has 30W charging when realme can have 240W?

Many Android smartphones available now offer incredibly quick charging. Realme just unveiled the Realme GT Neo 5, their latest flagship device, which enables up to 240W fast charging. In light of this, it begs the question of why the most latest iPhone, the iPhone 14 Pro Max, can support only 30W fast charging Smartphone charging […]

iPhone 15 pro new color render

In addition to several fresh iPhone leaks from the previous week, 9to5Mac has a fresh iPhone 15 pro render that highlights the device’s unique color Previously, the Pro line’s exclusive hero color was Pacific Blue for the iPhone 12 generation, Sierra Blue for the iPhone 13 generation, and special iterations of Space Black and Deep […]

iPhones to be replaced by Android smartphones in the MPL?

A VLOG was posted by AKOSI Dogie to his YouTube channel in December 2022. He discussed several common topics including smartphones and the MPL. Apple is not a fantastic gaming platform, according to Dogie Almost all members of Team Dogie utilize Apple devices both for regular use and for gaming. But, Dogie claims that Apple […]

iPhone 15 Pro render leaks show curvier build, thinner bezels and Type-C port

Midway through February, and it appears that the first speculative renderings of the upcoming phone are already available In order for accessory manufacturers in Asia to have their products ready when the new iPhone becomes official, Apple sends these CAD files to them in advance of the launches of new products. The CAD files on […]

iPhone 15 Pro new features confirmed via leaks

Leaker ShrimpApplePro tweeted two days ago confirming the leaks from other sources. These rumors claimed that the upcoming iPhone, which might be called the iPhone 15 Ultra, will have slimmer bezels. Although it will only be slightly larger, the phone will have more usable space with the thinner bezels. Thinner bezels also have a great […]

Apple’s mixed reality headset to debut in June

According to recent reports, Apple’s frequently anticipated but as-of-yet-unreleased mixed-reality headset will be unveiled in June at the company’s annual developer conference These are all unconfirmed rumors, and the most recent delay is due to unresolved hardware and software problems. According to reports, the choice to delay the most recent event was taken early this […]

So this is how much Apple spends to make the iPhone 14 Pro Max

Apple does not publish its profit margins or production expenses on a per-device basis, despite publishing its gross margin for all of its goods. However, Counterpoint Research released an article showing much it costs Apple to make the iPhone 14 Pro Max. How much it costs Apple to make iPhone 14 Pro Max According to […]

iPhone 15 Series with dual ports?

With the iPhone 15 Series releasing this year, they are switching to USB-C finally, but Apple being Apple, makes sure that some solidarity will be achieved here — maybe? The new EU law mandates that mobile devices unify and utilize a single USB Type-C port for charging. Since most brands already utilize this charging port, […]

Apple plans to limit iPhone USB-C functionality

A recent rumor from China claims that Apple intends to use a unique integrated circuit (IC) interface for the port, enabling it to verify the components used in the connection Apple is compelled to use the USB-C connector for its iPhones as of this year due to new EU laws that will go into effect […]

iPhone 14 price reduced by up to $125 in China!

Sources claim that Apple has substantially reduced the price of iPhone 14 models in China by up to $125 (850 yuan) in order to increase sales after it revealed a fall in revenue for the holiday quarter. For the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models, Apple’s online stores displayed a markdown of 800 yuan […]

Apple to adapt reverse wireless charging on upcoming models

While reverse wireless charging has been a common feature on a bunch of Android phones, the feature is still not available for the iPhone, but not any much longer, hopefully. According to reports, Apple is progressing with the development of reverse wireless charging for the upcoming iPhone 15 Ultra. The Huawei was the first ever […]

Apple watch crash detection is an epic fail!!

Due to the inefficient crash detection feature, Apple watches have been flooding 911 dispatchers with false alarms. In Colorado, dispatchers and responders appear to be growing more irate with the most recent complaint of the problem. False alarms are the last thing any 911 dispatcher or first responder needs to deal with. However, that issue […]

iPhone Ultra to launch in 2024, Apple’s ‘greatest’ achievement in smartphone

Is this the year the iPhone will finally achieve ultra greatness, or this will be another overblown yet minimal upgrade? Every year, Apple introduces four new iPhone models: the Mini, Standard, Pro, and Pro Max. The mini was eventually cut off from Apple’s lineup last year due to poor sales. This time, the company introduced […]

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra vs iPhone 14 Pro Max

Since both Samsung and Apple offer high-end phones that cost well over $1,000, let’s compare how their specs stack up and see who is really offering the best for their prices SPECS S22 Ultra iPhone 14 Pro Max Display 6.8 inch 6.7 inch QHD+ Dynamic AMOLED Super Retina XDR OLED,  1750 nits (peak) 1600 nits (typ), 2000 […]

Five reasons to consider buying an old flagship instead of a new midrange

Old doesn’t mean it’s outdated, as there are plenty of reasons to opt out for an old flagship from 3-4 years ago instead of a mid-ranger Cost Old flagship phones are typically significantly less expensive than new mid-range phones, making them a more affordable option. Phones such as the Xperia 1 II from Sony have […]

Reasons why there are not many improvements in battery tech in phones today

Batteries are the lifeblood of any smartphone, a mediocre one can greatly affect a user’s experience every time. But why there are no significant improvements in battery tech as of today? Battery technology in smartphones has not seen significant improvements in the last decade for several reasons: While battery technology in smartphones has not seen […]

Why iPhones are just better than Android: ten reasons why

There’s a reason why iPhones are still in demand despite their expensive pricing, because probably, they are better than Android Of course, if Android gets a list of its pros and cons, Apple gets one also. We listed ten things why Apple iPhones are better in many ways, and also the cons of owning one. […]

How to find your lost iPhone: SPEED EDITION

Phone got lost? Misplaced or stolen by someone? Fortunately, there are many ways to retrieve your iPhone with these easy steps iPhones are no cheap devices, so it’s better to take care of them at all times, but what happens if it gets lost or stolen? Here are a few ways you can try to […]

iPhone 15 rumor mill: waterfall edge and even thinner bezels

On the next installment of iPhone rumor mill: Apple incorporating curved edges and hopefully, even thinner bezels Although the iPhone 15 series won’t launch for another year, rumors have already started to circulate. Last but not least, leaker ShrimpApplePro asserts that the device will have significant design modifications, including narrower bezels and curved edges, giving […]