Meizu quits smartphone making, jumps in AI development with 1 product coming out this year

Meizu halts traditional smartphone creations to focus on AI with six products already on schedule. Chinese electronics firm, Meizu, officially announced its departure from smartphone making in favor of AI development. The company has now stopped the creation of new smartphones so it can focus strategically on AI-based hardware products. The decision is for putting […]

Facebook and Instagram to get AI labeler for all images

All AI-generated pics in Meta apps will soon be labeled with “AI info” text. Meta will launch a technology on three of its social media arms. Once deployed, it will detect and label pictures by other companies’ AI tools. Combating AI Fakery If you don’t know, Meta already enforced AI detection on Facebook, Instagram, and […]

AI Godfather quits Google as things get scarier

Geoffrey Hinton, a world-renowned pioneer of artificial intelligence and widely known as the “godfather of AI,” has made a bold move by resigning from Google. He made this decision to shed more light on what he deems the many dangers of the technology without any employment restrictions. In a recent tweet, Hinton announced his departure, […]