Facebook changed its logo, and there’s almost no difference

There were really some changes, well, just a darker shade and more curves perhaps? Meta is in the process of updating Facebook’s “identity system,” which includes a notably refreshed logo. To clarify, it’s essentially the same as the previous one, with the exception of a darker shade of blue and some subtle adjustments to the […]

Quiboloy-led SMNI News FB page unavailable

The Facebook page of Quiboloy-led SMNI News is currently unavailable, marking another setback for the megachurch and its controversial leader The page was taken down on September 15, 2023, and Meta has yet to provide a statement as to why. However, it is likely that the decision is related to Quiboloy’s ongoing legal troubles in […]

Threads’ daily active users drop by half in one week

Threads, Meta’s new social media app, had a strong start when it launched on July 7. The app quickly amassed over 49 million daily active users on Android worldwide. However, that number has since declined significantly to 23.6 million by July 14 Threads: A Promising Start, But Challenges Remain There are a few possible explanations […]

Twitter vs. Threads: What’s the difference?

Threads, a direct competitor to Twitter, is the newest member of Meta’s family of applications and was only released last weel. Despite Elon Musk’s microblogging platform threatening legal action as a result, Threads attracted over 10 million users in only one day Both apps are the same, so why even bother trying the Threads app? […]

Messenger down? Users cannot send pictures and images

On Friday, internet users vented their emotions after learning that Messenger is experiencing problems sending media Screenshots about the issue can be seen below: The Messenger issue only happened for a while, around an hour, last July 7, 2023, around 6:00 pm. As of the time of writing this article however, it appears that the […]

Meta’s Threads app launches to huge success, attracts 10 million users in 7 hours

Meta launched a limited version of Threads, a direct competitor to Twitter, yesterday. Users can post text, images, and videos up to 5 minutes long, and like, comment, and re-share other people’s posts Despite the limited availability, the platform saw 10 million sign-ups in the first 7 hours. This is according to Meta CEO Mark […]

Meta’s Threads app aims to challenge twitter

Meta’s Twitter competitor, Threads, will be launched later this week on July 6. The app is already available for pre-order on the App Store, and an Android version will be released soon There is also a website for Threads, but it does not yet offer a login page or any other useful information. It is […]

Meta faces €1.2 billion fine from EDPB for sharing private data!

Meta has just been slapped with a whopping €1.2 billion fine imposed by the Irish Data Protection Authority (IE DPA). This happened following the issue of transferring the personal data of European users to the United States. So, what exactly happened? Well, it turns out that Meta was getting a little too careless with the […]

Messenger media files are now back!

Yesterday, there were problems with Messenger on mobile, and files vanished. Positive news, then! The Messenger media files that were missing have appeared again! When the mobile app messenger faced a glitch yesterday that caused media, files, and links to vanish, internet users became concerned. As of the time this post was written, it appears […]

Media files on Messenger are missing!?

Check your messenger folks! Netizens on Thursday aired their frustration after finding out that some media files, including photos and videos, have become unavailable on the Messenger app In a tweet, one netizen said: “Is it just me, but media/files/links shared on Messenger are suddenly GONE?? I checked the chat between me and a friend […]

How to know if someone blocked you on Facebook

For some reason you realized that you can’t find a Facebook user account, be it your ex, classmate, or friend and you wonder why. Did they block me? Or did they deactivate their account on Facebook? Here is how to know if someone blocked you on Facebook. 1. Check the delivery status You can determine […]

You can now play multiplayer games with friends in Facebook Messenger!

Users can now experience Facebook Gaming in a whole different way, since a recent announcement stated that Facebook Messenger will let users play multiplayer games, even while on a video call Now users can engage in their favorite games while on video calls with their loved ones using Messenger. So far, the games include Card Wars by […]

Paid verification in Facebook and Instagram for around ₱700

When you become “Meta Verified,” you’ll receive a blue badge in addition to various other advantages, such as increased visibility, protection against impersonation, prioritized customer assistance, and more For $11.99 per month on the web and $14.99 per month on mobile, Meta is trying premium verification for Facebook and Instagram. A “Meta Verified” account would […]