GTA: The Trilogy hitting Android and iOS devices in December

GTA: The Trilogy will deliver three legendary stories to mobile devices this holiday season. Rockstar Games is bringing three epic stories to mobile platforms next month. This is the Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition, coming to Android and iOS devices very soon. The trilogy comes with three definitive editions of GTA […]

Top 10 Richest Filipino MLBB Pro Players

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang isn’t just a game but also a career for many. In the Philippines, several pro players have proven their mettle and earned a lot of money from tourneys, livestreams, sponsorships, and more. Here are the top 10 MLBB Filipino pro players and how much they’ve earned thus far. Be ready to […]

Grand Theft Auto 6 Trailer Release Date Confirmed for Early December

Attention all gamers! The next big gaming sensation is on its way, and the trailer will be unveiled first to whet your appetite for the full experience. Rockstar Games has confirmed that the first trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6 will be released in early December 2023. The announcement was made on the Rockstar Newswire […]

Laggy mobile gaming: 5 Common Causes and How to Fix Them

Here are the usual suspects behind stutters when gaming and tips on how to get around them. Losing matches because your phone suddenly freezes or stutters in-game? That’s probably something to do with the settings or your internet connection. Whatever it may be, we listed down five common causes of game lags and what you […]

AYANEO Flip gaming console new design reveal this December

The flip gaming console recently got a minor design overhaul, which is set for demo before 2023 ends. AYANEO has a new offer this winter in the form of a handheld, clamshell gaming console. It’s the AYANEO Flip, which comes with joysticks, ABXY buttons, and a mini keyboard. This flip portable console initially made the […]

CoD: Warzone Mobile Release Date Delayed, Current System Requirements Revealed

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile is bringing the immensely popular battle royale shooter experience to smartphones. While Call of Duty: Mobile has enjoyed longstanding success and even hosts tournaments and world championships with substantial prize pools, it’s no surprise that Activision is eager to extend the success of their battle royale hit, Warzone, to mobile […]

itel S23+ Gaming Review – An Elegant and Surprising Game Performer

With our recently published itel S23+ review, we said that it was a great smartphone. The design is great, display is superb, camera is decent…well, how about its gaming performance? I know you folks are waiting for the game review so here it is! In the gameplay video below, we have also included the battery […]

New Atari 2600+ lets you play old cartridges of Atari 2600 and Atari 7800

Dust off your Atari 2600 and 7800 cartridges and play them on new Atari 2600+ via HDMI and widescreen. Atari is back with the relaunch of a classic console, now named the Atari 2600+. This gaming device has a fresh take on everything nostalgic about numerous Atari games. One of its deal breakers is compatibility […]

Want a Steam Deck for a lowered price? Valve now offers refurbished ones!

Valve is now selling refurbished Steam Deck consoles that are cheaper than new ones but have the same quality, minus a few minor cosmetic blemishes The refurbished units go through a rigorous testing process that is the same as for new units. They are factory reset, updated with the latest software, and tested over 100 […]

Blizzard Entertainment hit by DDoS attack, players touch some grass for the first time!

Diablo IV encountered a major setback this weekend as the company’s online service fell victim to a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack Diablo IV just came out, and Blizzard has been largely satisfied with the response it’s getting from the community. The game has a lot to offer for gamers, especially fans of the Diablo franchise. However, […]

The end of an era! The Playstation 4 is now being killed off?

The PlayStation 4 era was good to us. It spawned Red Dead Redemption 2, Grand Theft Auto V, God of War, The Last of Us Part II, Persona 5, and Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End but alas, all good things must come to an end The transition into the PlayStation 5 era has been slow. We’ve seen plenty of games […]

Infinix Note 30 X MLBB collaboration!

For their upcoming smartphone, Infinix will collaborate with Moonton for their upcoming smartphone! On their Facebook page, Infinix has recently posted a promotional video made by Moonton. It displays a package with an MLBB motif and a limited-edition phone cover. Here is another screenshot from the post itself: According to the post itself, the smartphone […]

Spiderman is now available on PC!

Spiderman was a PlayStation exclusive so this game is not available for other platforms for a long time. God of War was released on PC few months ago, there is no surprise that Spiderman will also be available for the PC platform! The best selling PlayStation Exclusive is going to be playable on PC! Eto […]

OPPO Hosts OPPO Game On Cup 2022

OPPO’s release of the OPPO A96 meant a new device for all types of players in the gaming community. This time, the company is going to let players show off their Mobile Legends skills in the OPPO Game on Cup 2022. GAME MECHANICS Only players aged 18 and above are allowed to participate. Each team […]

Riot Officially Reveals Bel’Veth Abilities

Just a few hours ago, Riot revealed Bel’Veth’s ability rundown. There were already leaks and some sample gameplay clips on Youtube about the newest Void champion, but Riot itself hasn’t revealed anything yet. Here’s a clip of Bel’Veth’s skills: Some players might find her passive (Death in Lavender) too OP, as this allows her to […]

You Suck At Parking Is the Game for Kamotes

We’re sure you get tired of the same games everyday, so we’re bringing you news of something else na gaming related pa rin. But first, watch this trailer: This is a little game called “You Suck At Parking”. It’s a multiplayer game where it crosses the boundaries between exciting, frustrating, and downright hilarious. Express your […]

Diablo Immortal for PC Coming in June

Blizzard Entertainment has finally announced that Diablo Immortal is coming this June 2, 2022 on PC and mobile. Diablo Immortal isn’t a new game – the game has been in alpha testing in December 2020 of last year until January 2021. The alpha test in games already included 45 levels with 4 character classes, actually […]

Sexy Time With Dead by Daylight Killers

What makes games exciting is the element of surprise. For RPG games, it’s about exploring areas, learning new skills, and finding better loot. For co-op games, Among Us effectively demonstrates how camouflage and deception give players newfound excitement. But if you’re looking for something new and something more graphic, all the while exploring the limits of […]

Apex Legends Mobile is Now Out!

Apex Legends is a popular video game with heavy first-person shooter elements, thrown in with some Hunger Games-esque, last-man-standing (or in this case, last group standing) game play mechanics. The game has a player base of 100 million all scattered throughout the globe. The game was initially released in February 4, 2019 and has gained […]

VALORANT Night Market Pabalik na!

The VALORANT Night Market is coming back sooner than we think! Handa na ba ang mga bulsa niyo? The Night Market’s comeback is unexpected! Ang pagbabalik ng Night Market sa VALORANT ay malapit na it will be available in May 18 2022, sana maganda maging Night Market niyo! The skins in this game are not […]

Riot Games sues Moonton for Mobile Legends

Riot Games are mad over Moonton dahil sa Mobile Legends. They say this game is a copy of League of Legends itself. Mobile Legends is probably the most popular game in the Philippines today, sobrang dami naglalaro neto at mahal na mahal nila ang ML. Yumaman ang ibang tao dito and this game gave opportunity […]

Warcraft Rumble Mobile Game in the Works

This isn’t the first time a warcraft-themed game was release. DOTA Underlords by Valve Corporation is the first, but this time, Warcraft Rumble is from Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. Game description: “Warcraft® Arclight Rumble™ is a mobile action strategy game set within the Warcraft universe where collectible Minis come to life to battle in frantic melee […]

Rainbow Six Mobile: Bagong FPS Game!

Rainbow Six Mobile is an exciting FPS game because of its unique gameplay, it is similar to CSGO and VALORANT but different in such a way that this game has a different mechanics. The game is a competitive tactical FPS just like Rainbow Six Siege! Ubisoft has announced that this game will be available as […]



This is truly the most epic smartphone that has ever been released so far in 2022. The REDMAGIC 7 is everything you would want in a gaming phone. It has the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 Processor which could potentially reach 1 Million points in Antutu Benchmark which is the highest score in any smartphone. […]

Activision Announced Plans For Call of Duty Warzone Mobile

Game publisher Activision tweeted yesterday that they were making a mobile version of the popular stand-alone Call of Duty game Warzone. Kaya maghanda na ang mga mobile FPS gamers diyan, dahil worth ang wait dito sa larong to! In the tweet, Activision said that they’re looking for a dev team para gumawa ng “AAA mobile […]