Best gaming smartphones under Php 5K based on AnTuTu

Today, we’re going to explore the best gaming smartphones under PHP 5K, basing our rankings on none other than the renowned AnTuTu benchmark scores. 5. Tecno Spark 10 Coming in at Php 4,899, the Tecno Spark 10 is one of the few gaming capable smartphones you can get your hands on. It has an AnTuTu […]

Ragnarok Origin: Global tops ML as the top-grossing App in the Philippines!

Ragnarok Origin, a mobile game based on the popular MMORPG Ragnarok Online, has topped the charts in the Philippines, becoming the no. 1 grossing game in the country according to SimilarWeb. The game has been downloaded over 1 million times since its release in March 2023. Ragnarok Origin is a faithful recreation of the original […]

Ragnarok Origin Global finally launches in April 6!

First launched in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, and China, the long awaited addition to the Ragnarok franchise is going to be available globally starting April 6, playable on Mobile and PC with cross-platform support There is also a pre-registration event, and there are already 9 million pre-registrants as of the time of writing! More information […]

Diablo 4 is killing RTX 3080 Ti GPUs!

Certain RTX 3080 Ti graphics cards are reportedly running terribly or even dying while playing the Diablo 4 closed beta this past weekend, according to reports Diablo 4 beta appears to expose a potentially fatal flaw in some high-end Nvidia GPUs. Various users are reporting that during the beta their monitors go black, GPU fans […]

Counter-Strike 2 officially announced!

Valve has officially announced the limited release of Counter-Strike 2 on Twitter with an overhaul to every system, content, and experience in the game According to the game’s website, CS2 is set to be the largest technical leap forward in Counter-Strike’s history, with improved mechanics, maps, visuals, audio, and UI enhancements. The game will be free to […]

Genshin Impact on a 10-year-old Galaxy Pocket Neo? Let’s debunk this!

A viral photo is making rounds around Facebook right now that depicts Genshin Impact being installed on a 10-year-old Samsung phone, is this true? If you’re deep into meme culture, chances are that you scrolled past this picture circling around the internet. You also know by now that this phone can’t run Genshin Impact (even […]

GTA 6 “FIRST SCREENSHOT” has been leaked! THE HYPE IS REAL!!! 😍

It may not feel like it, but with each passing day, we are getting closer and closer to the official release of GTA 6. Well, the “first screenshot” of the game just leaked In case you missed it, Rockstar was subjected to a major cyber attack last year. That lead to us seeing the very […]

PlayStation 6 design rumors leaked, and no PS5 Pro coming?

There’s been news regarding the kickstart of Playstation 6 manufacturing now, but there’s no clarification on whether there will be a PS5 Pro Since its release in November 2020, the PlayStation 5 (PS5) has enjoyed tremendous success in the gaming industry. The PS5 has outsold its predecessor, the PS4, in the same period of time […]

Call of Duty Mobile on its last legs: Warzone is the game to be

With the recent purchase of Microsoft in the entire Activision-Blizzard company, looks like the change in management will lead to Call of Duty: Mobile’s farewell Microsoft recently stated that in a response for the United Kingdom’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) that “Call of Duty: Mobile is expected to be phased out over time (outside […]

Tekken And Among Us Meet in Mission Zero Mobile Game Trailer

There’s a new game released a few weeks ago where the objective of said game is to “camouflage” and blend in with the crowd. Watch the official game trailer below: The game is created by Netease Games. It’s a 2v4 stealth game that will be playable on Android, iOS, and PC.  In the game, players […]

Sony Promises to Make More PS5s

CEO Jim Ryan says the company will increase the production of PS5 to meet customer demands. The company was only able to sell 2 million units in the last quarter. Sales for PS5 were weaker compared to PS4, the latter over numbering it by 3.4 million units. The main reason for the PS5’s fewer sales […]

Acer Predator Helios 300: 3D without Glasses!

Gaming Laptops are stepping up their game and pushing the limits of what is possible, Acer Predator Helios 300 lets you play 3D without having to wear any glasses. Grabe na talaga ang technology ngayon ang bilis ng development! Gaming laptops are always the lesser of Gaming Desktops because PC components are always superior due […]

OPPO Hosts OPPO Game On Cup 2022

OPPO’s release of the OPPO A96 meant a new device for all types of players in the gaming community. This time, the company is going to let players show off their Mobile Legends skills in the OPPO Game on Cup 2022. GAME MECHANICS Only players aged 18 and above are allowed to participate. Each team […]

Riot Officially Reveals Bel’Veth Abilities

Just a few hours ago, Riot revealed Bel’Veth’s ability rundown. There were already leaks and some sample gameplay clips on Youtube about the newest Void champion, but Riot itself hasn’t revealed anything yet. Here’s a clip of Bel’Veth’s skills: Some players might find her passive (Death in Lavender) too OP, as this allows her to […]

You Suck At Parking Is the Game for Kamotes

We’re sure you get tired of the same games everyday, so we’re bringing you news of something else na gaming related pa rin. But first, watch this trailer: This is a little game called “You Suck At Parking”. It’s a multiplayer game where it crosses the boundaries between exciting, frustrating, and downright hilarious. Express your […]

Asus introduces the first 500Hz refresh rate gaming monitor!

Asus has shocked the world with its new 500Hz refresh rate gaming monitor! Grabe na eto this will benefit gamers that wants to take advantage with the FPS that the high end desktops are capable of to produce. 500Hz refresh rate is quite overkill dahil not all games can run 500 FPS, if you are […]

Diablo Immortal for PC Coming in June

Blizzard Entertainment has finally announced that Diablo Immortal is coming this June 2, 2022 on PC and mobile. Diablo Immortal isn’t a new game – the game has been in alpha testing in December 2020 of last year until January 2021. The alpha test in games already included 45 levels with 4 character classes, actually […]

LoL Introduces New Void Champ Bel’veth

League of Legends teased their newest champion Bel’veth in a cinematic. Watch the trailer below. This is a continuation of The Call cinematic, just after Kaisa goes underground to the Void battling Xer’sai. In the trailer, Kai’sa finds herself in a strange lavender city (or sea?) and meets Bel’veth, a massive bat-octopus hybrid. There’s not […]


PILIPINAS ANG CHAMPION! Nanalo ng GOLD MEDAL ang SIBOL team after beating Indonesia into a 3-1 lead in the 31st SEA Games in Hanoi, Vietnam. Sobrang ganda ng laban at sa malaking stage rin eto na ganap! Winning a GOLD medal is truly an honor for us Filipinos and nakaka proud na nanalo ang Pilipinas […]

Should You Buy Lenovo Legion 7 Series?

The world’s most powerful 16” gaming laptop will run on 12th Gen Intel processors. The Lenovo Legion 7 series lineup will be the following (with prices): Lenovo Legion 7i – Php 179,995 Lenovo Legion Slim 7i – Php 124,995 The Lenovo Legion 7i is mainly marketed towards gamers that play AAA games, while the latter […]

Sexy Time With Dead by Daylight Killers

What makes games exciting is the element of surprise. For RPG games, it’s about exploring areas, learning new skills, and finding better loot. For co-op games, Among Us effectively demonstrates how camouflage and deception give players newfound excitement. But if you’re looking for something new and something more graphic, all the while exploring the limits of […]

Apex Legends Mobile is Now Out!

Apex Legends is a popular video game with heavy first-person shooter elements, thrown in with some Hunger Games-esque, last-man-standing (or in this case, last group standing) game play mechanics. The game has a player base of 100 million all scattered throughout the globe. The game was initially released in February 4, 2019 and has gained […]


NVIDIA is possibly releasing the new RTX 40 Series graphics card this September of 2022. Malapit na ‘to! Kaya handa niyo na mga bulsa ninyo para dito! The RTX 40 Series Graphics Card hopefully has more power to run games in higher frame rates even in the higher resolutions like 1440p or 4K resolution. We […]


The second year of VALORANT CHAMPIONStour is here! Merong 48 teams na mag cocompete in order to fight for a playoff spot this June. 2022 VCT CHALLENGERS STAGE 2 There are 8 teams from the Southeast Asia that are qualified in the VCT isa na ang Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore and etc. Sobrang exciting […]

RAKK Dasig – The Glorious mouse killer?

Are you looking for a new gaming mouse pero tight ang budget mo? The RAKK Dasig might be your answer! Wireless na siya and it features a honeycomb design that looks like a Glorious gaming mouse it looks premium for its price. Sa itsura niya you probably would not think na this mouse is priced […]

VALORANT Night Market Pabalik na!

The VALORANT Night Market is coming back sooner than we think! Handa na ba ang mga bulsa niyo? The Night Market’s comeback is unexpected! Ang pagbabalik ng Night Market sa VALORANT ay malapit na it will be available in May 18 2022, sana maganda maging Night Market niyo! The skins in this game are not […]

The new Razer Blade 15 is here!

Razer has shown the newest gaming laptop with its new Razer Blade 15! Sobrang powerful ng internals neto at naka OLED panel pa! Ang Beast Laptop ni RAZER! The laptop features a slim netbook design similar sa mga lumang Razer Blades. The design is very elegant and simple! Hindi siya sobrang flashy like the other […]

Warcraft Rumble Mobile Game in the Works

This isn’t the first time a warcraft-themed game was release. DOTA Underlords by Valve Corporation is the first, but this time, Warcraft Rumble is from Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. Game description: “Warcraft® Arclight Rumble™ is a mobile action strategy game set within the Warcraft universe where collectible Minis come to life to battle in frantic melee […]

Xbox Releases “Shocking” Pink Console

Ever since Xbox’s genius of putting 40,000 Xbox button symbols on the controller, people have been paying attention to the brand. Now, Filipinos might actually give the Xbox more attention thanks to their latest color variety on their controller: pink.  Here’s the Facebook post:  In the post, Xbox says: “Pink is a whole vibe.” The […]