GCash and Axie partnership: Accessible crypto payment methods for everyone

In response to recent regulatory challenges faced by Binance and the inherent limitations of cryptocurrencies, GCash and Axie Infinity have joined forces to introduce a user-friendly, direct-to-crypto top-up method for trading Axie Infinity’s in-game currencies. Recognizing that approximately 80% of Filipino internet users rely on GCash for financial services, this partnership aims to diversify access […]

GCash explains why it is missing on Play Store

GCash pulled from the Play Store to welcome new updates for Android users. Beware of fake news circulating online. Last night, people got confused about a weird event on the Play Store – GCash disappeared! It caused a lot of ruckus and spawned numerous fake news, even mentioning a “CEO” and the NBI. Some even […]

BPI will charge GCash wallet top-up starting March 1

BPI users must pay ₱10 for topping up their GCash wallet beginning March 2024. No fee for Maya and Vybe though. GCash has been a staple in online payment as it supports bank top-ups and more. It even featured free top-ups for select entities. However, it won’t no longer be free of charge starting March […]

GCash Send Money Protect will not return sent money

GCash clarified what Send Money Protect can and cannot do. To fight online scammers and fake transactions, GCash launched its Send Money Protect feature. This GInsure feature has an unfamiliar mechanic to many that led to some confusion. You can easily use Send Money Protect by enabling it during money transfer via Express Send. It’s […]

How to get your GCash VISA card

Pay international merchants and more using the GCash VISA card. GCash is an innovation in itself, allowing users to easily transfer funds from their account to another, either GCash to GCash or GCash to bank and vice versa. Even international money transfer services like PayPal can be integrated within GCash. This is why it’s a […]

GCash down? Users can’t open GCash when using WiFi

GCash Login Issues on WiFi: Troubleshooting Tips for a Smooth Mobile Wallet Experience GCash, the Philippines’ leading mobile wallet app, has transformed the way Filipinos handle their finances, streamlining transactions and providing access to a wide range of financial services. However, recent reports have indicated that some users are experiencing login issues when attempting to […]

GCash Returns After Outage with Stronger Security

On October 9, GCash experienced widespread downtime. The company has since restored normal operations and attributed the downtime to the implementation of new safety and security measures to prevent unsecured devices from accessing the app. GCash did not elaborate on the specific security measures that were put in place, but the company advised users to […]

GCash down? Users report intermittent access to some of their services

Everyone is quite frustrated about the issue! Since last night, there has been growing concern among people regarding issues with the GCash app. Various services within the app have been experiencing disruptions, causing frustration among users. One of our team members is particularly annoyed as they are unable to recharge their phone’s mobile load using […]

Over 4 million suspicious accounts removed by GCash

Sussy! GCash recently took action to safeguard its digital wallet app by removing more than 4 million accounts suspected of involvement in cybercrimes. These accounts were engaged in risky transactions and potential fraud, prompting GCash to block them. According to Oscar Reyes Jr., the president and CEO of G-Xchange, this effort occurred over 18 months, […]

You can now borrow small amounts in GCash with “Sakto loan”

GCash and Fuse Lending Inc. introduced a new feature in the e-wallet that allows users to borrow small amounts Loan without the hassle with GCash! GCash has introduced a new feature called GCash Sakto Loans, which is like a tiny loan that lets you borrow money easily. The goal is to make it simple for […]

GCash resumes their services after a downtime yesterday

Some folks should be able to use GCash services again! GCash had to temporarily disable some features like Express Send, Instapay Bank Transfers, and others because they were having trouble with transactions. But don’t worry, they’re working hard to fix it so you can use GCash like usual. Your accounts and money are safe, so […]

You can now venture into stocks trading using GCash!

GCash is a mobile wallet that allows users to send and receive money, pay bills, and buy load. In 2023, GCash launched a new feature called GStocks PH, which allows users to buy and sell stocks in the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) GStocks PH is a partnership between GCash and AB Capital Securities Inc., a […]

Convert coins into GCash using BSP’s coin deposit machines!

The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) has launched a coin deposit machine that allows Filipinos to turn their idle coins into GCash balance or SM shopping vouchers. The machine accepts all BSP-released coins, including one centavo coins The BSP launched the coin deposit machine in June 2023 as part of its efforts to promote coin […]

BSP now investigating the unauthorized GCash transactions issue

The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) is currently investigating a series of unauthorized fund transfers that affected GCash accounts. These funds were reportedly forwarded to other local lenders, and GX-Change Inc. (GXI), the company that operates GCash, has already reported the incidents to BSP. BSP’s Deputy Governor for the Payments and Currency Management Sector, Mamerto […]

GCash: Deduction to accounts will be adjusted before 3:00 PM today

GCash in a statement to the press today said that they are back after experiencing a downtime earlier GCash is back, and says your accounts are safe GCash apologizes for the downtime and said they are now back and have restored their services. The company also assured its users that their funds are safe and secure. The […]

GCash Hacked? Here is what we know so far

GCash is one of the most, if not the biggest online payment method in the Philippines but recently, it has been facing serious security issues. The company is experiencing technical difficulties, and some users speculate that the platform may have been hacked. According to social media posts, some GCash users have lost money in unauthorized […]

GCash to introduce biometric-based dual authentication in December

In addition to introducing its new consumer security OTP feature, GCash also partnered with the GSafeTayo cybersecurity which is aimed to help protect GCash users from e-fraud and scams. Recently, GCash and the Philippine National Police struck an agreement to increase their cooperation in pursuing those responsible for online fraud, e-scams, fishing, phishing, and other cybercrimes that […]