Do this to drastically improve your battery on your Android phone!

Is your phone always stressing you with the battery always draining fast? Whether you’re rocking a Samsung, Google Pixel or any other Android phone, today we will give you some awesome tips to improve your battery usage. 1. Smart Battery Optimization: Samsung Devices Samsung devices come with a nifty tool that automatically optimizes your battery […]

How to create the Trending Wes Anderson Trend on TikTok

Recently, a Wes Anderson trend has been spreading like wildfire on TikTok, and it’s stunning! We will now help you hop on the trend by showing you how to make it. Who/What is Wes Anderson Wes Anderson is an accomplished filmmaker known for his unique cinematic style, characterized by symmetrical shots, warm-toned and saturated filters, […]

How to watch NBA playoffs in the Philippines

The NBA is currently in the Playoffs stage and we are seeing tough and thrilling matchups that we have waited for so long. Here is how you can watch the NBA playoffs in the Philippines. 1. Watch through broadcastings You can watch the intense NBA Playoffs 2023 action live in the Philippines through various broadcasting […]

How to view the Wi-Fi Password on any Android Device and any Version

Android users had long awaited a feature that would allow them to easily view their saved Wi-Fi password. And with the rollout of Android 10, Google finally delivered. But what about those still using older versions of Android? Fear not, for we have an easy solution for you. No longer will you have to suffer […]

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