Igloo protects Southeast Asia’s multi-billion dollar coffee industry

Following the success of its Weather Index Insurance for rice farmers launched inNovember 2022, Igloo expands its reach to coffee farmers in Vietnam and in other countries Regional insurtech Igloo expands its blockchain-based parametric index insurance to coffee farmers in Southeast Asia, showing commitment to covering more underinsured communities and industries after successful product implementation […]

Protecting your “budol” finds: How insurance plays a role in e-shopping

Filipinos love to shop online – as shown by a recent report by data and analytics firm GlobalData, nearly 90% of Filipino consumers have shopped online in the last six months. This has put the growth of the e-commerce market at 31.3% in 2022 and is expected to grow by 22.9% and reach a value […]

Igloo underscores importance of device and health protection for mobile gamers

Unleash your full gaming potential with Igloo’s device and health protection for mobile gamers Analysts predict that the worldwide eSports industry will increase from US$1.44 billion in 2022 to US$5.48 billion by 2029, a phenomenal increase. One of the nations where eSports are growing in popularity is the Philippines. The nation is home to some […]