Five reasons to consider buying an old flagship instead of a new midrange

Old doesn’t mean it’s outdated, as there are plenty of reasons to opt out for an old flagship from 3-4 years ago instead of a mid-ranger Cost Old flagship phones are typically significantly less expensive than new mid-range phones, making them a more affordable option. Phones such as the Xperia 1 II from Sony have […]

Five phone brands to avoid if you’re a gamer — 2022 Year-End Edition

If gaming is your bread and butter, your life and purpose, and your divine mission then you should avoid these five brands like the plague! Welcome devices What exactly is a “Welcome” device? To cut to chase, those phones bear the same boot-up/power-off screen with an extremely loud and obnoxious sound. All these phones ran […]

Comeback Na Ba Ito?! LG Back In The Mobile Game With LG Ultra Tab

HOLY POGGERS! The king is back in its palace…sorta. It’s been quite a while after LG’s retirement sa mobile industry, but this recent tablet release might give some hope na magbabalik na soon ang ating beloved creative smartphone brand? Magdilang anghel sana! It was a quiet August night ng biglang may na-resurrect back from the […]