HUAWEI and SHARP signed a long-term agreement for SEPs(4G and 5G)

HUAWEI and SHARP today announced the signing of a new long-term global patent cross-licensing agreement, covering Cellular Standard Essential Patents (SEPs), including 4G and 5G. This agreement marks a significant step forward in fostering collaboration and promoting innovation within the telecommunications industry. “We are delighted to reach a new agreement with SHARP through amicable discussions,” […]

Aquos R8 Series revealed with 240Hz refresh rate!

Sharp has unveiled its latest flagship smartphone, the Sharp Aquos R8 series, which includes the Sharp Aquos R8 Pro with up to 240Hz. This marks the first time the company has released a ‘Pro’ variant of its flagship phone. As with previous iterations, the displays and cameras are the standout features of these premium phones. […]

Five reasons to consider buying an old flagship instead of a new midrange

Old doesn’t mean it’s outdated, as there are plenty of reasons to opt out for an old flagship from 3-4 years ago instead of a mid-ranger Cost Old flagship phones are typically significantly less expensive than new mid-range phones, making them a more affordable option. Phones such as the Xperia 1 II from Sony have […]

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