South Korea to launch a 6G network in 2028

South Korea announced on Monday that it will launch its own 6G network using world-class technology, advanced software-based next-gen mobile networks, and strengthening its network supply chains. The news was announced by the Korean Ministry of Science and ICT Local businesses will be given incentives by the South Korean government to provide the supplies, parts, […]

Disadvantages of using smartphones for a long time

Smartphones are fantastic pieces of tech that we should celebrate for assessing our various needs at our convenience, but as the saying goes…“too much smartphone use will kill you?” Smartphones are amazing technological advancements that have completely changed the way we communicate, access information, and go about our daily lives. Smartphones do have a number […]

No more Pentium and Celeron next year, Intel says

Pentium and Celeron has been a household name since like, a long ago. But Intel just announced that they’re pulling the plug on these two well-known CPU’s. Is this an official retirement for the old CPU’s or just retiring of the names, kinda like when a basketball player retires, he/she retires their number also. Let’s […]

iPhone 14 Launch Date, In-Announce Na Finally!

Behold Apple fans, for months we are seeking for the latest updates about the release of iPhone 14 series, may mga speculations, tsismis at whatnot, pero finally, Apple has released the date for this! Eto na, Apple just announced that September 7th is the day on which malalaman na natin ang balita all about the […]

Teclast M40 Air: New Lightweight Companion

There’s not much competition going on in the tablet category – there’s Apple’s iPads, Samsung’s Galaxy Tabs, and a few other brands that have established themselves in the market. But even then, these brands still carry a heavy price tag. That’s where Teclast tablets come in. We’ve reviewed a Teclast device before, and this brand […]

The First TSMC 3NM and 2NM Chips Will Be Made in Taiwan

There’s a global shortage of chips happening, and the increasing demand for better phones are pushing manufacturers to increase device prices. However, TSMC is addressing that shortage by putting up more production sites in Tainan. TSMC already completed four production sites in an industrial park in Taiwan, and they’re adding four more that will each […]

HTC’s Smartphone in Special Launch Event on June 28

Back in the early days of smartphone competition, HTC was the first-ever Android smartphone to compete with Apple’s touchscreen phone. It sold over 1.6 million units and then went on to become one of the most popular smartphone brands in the world. The situation changed in 2015 when Samsung was leading the market in terms […]

Apple Will Release A 15-inch MacBook Air in 2023

Rumors are circulating online that the tech giant will be releasing another MacBook Air by next year. Most MacBook Air units have screens that measure in the 11-inch to 13-inch category, but the company, in its boldest move, has made a somewhat counterintuitive decision. The 15-inch Macbook Air will be released by next year if […]

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra June Update Makes It Better

OTA updates were released for the Galaxy S22 Ultra promising improved software and security, but the most notable is the improved camera capabilities. The update is a total of 1.7GB, so it may take a while to download if you’re on slower internet speeds. However, the update contains the following improvements: One of the most […]

Google Maps, iOS to Show Air Quality in Your Area

In their latest updates, Google Maps and iOS will show one more critical indicator: air quality. In Pixel phones (and soon, Android), the Air Quality Alert shows the air quality index of their given location. For this to work, location tracking and GPS should be on by default. What made this possible is Google’s collaboration […]

Android 13 Tiramisu: Here’s What You Need to Know

Android 13 is coming out soon, and the developers have named it Tiramisu. The Android 13 will be released sometime this coming August and it’s bringing new and exciting features for all devices in its niche. Most of the new features revolve around design aesthetics. In this case, the new feature “Material You” will bring […]

Lineageos 19 Support for Poco X3 Pro and Other Phones

LineageOS is an Android 12-based alternative for people who want to maximize the use of their devices. It’s useful for older devices where there’s a need to access newer Android features. The OS is open-source, meaning developers can contribute to the code for additional features. LineageOS also allows users to uninstall bloatware that slows down […]

Infinix Note 12 Series First to Use Helio G99 Chip

Budget-phone competitor Infinix Mobile just tweeted that they are in the works for an Infinix Note 12 smartphone that will use the very first Helio G99 chipset. The Infinix Note 12 series was officially launched just last month, May 17, however, the company hasn’t revealed everything. The new Mediatek chipset is an octa-core SoC with […]

WDDC 2022 Reveals Exciting Features in iOS 16

A new Macbook Air with an M2 chip and an updated lock screen for iOS was just a few of the things Apple revealed in their WDDC 2022. However, with most people using handheld devices, the iOS 16 easily took the audience’s attention. The newest iOS will be featuring new AI tech, communication features, and […]

Your iPhone Is Your New Webcam

iPhones have the best cameras, hands-down. It’s a combination of good camera software design, post-processing touches, and some secret hardware-software recipe that Apple doesn’t want to tell us. But their webcams on laptops suck. This is why the company finally decided to include some nifty features on the macOS Ventura. The latest OS is going […]

Is This the First Google-Free Phone?

Google has come a long-way from being a simple search engine to a company which has become an integral part of most Android (sometimes iOS) devices.  But sometimes, Google doesn’t tell you everything upfront about what type of data they collect and to who they sell it to. That’s where Google-free phones come in handy. […]

Honor 70 Pro, Honor 70 Pro + Officially Launched in China

The Honor 70 series is the latest smartphones to hit the shelves in China. Two of the phones stand out in particular, the Honor 70 Pro and the Honor 70 Pro +. Read more about the Honor 70 Pro and Honor 70 Pro + specs below. Honor 70 Pro Specs DIMENSIONS Size 163.9 x 74.6 […]

Xiaomi Makes Second Smartphone With Liquid Lens

The first phone with a liquid lens camera is by Xiaomi – the Mi Mix Fold. This was only released in China, complete with its very own imaging chip. Now, the company is making its second phone with a liquid lens. The Xiaomi 12 Ultra is rumored to have the second-gen upgraded version of the […]

iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max might get Always-on display!

iPhone 14 Pro and Pro max models is rumored to have a new feature but it is considered to be a old feature dahil meron na ang mga ibang android devices na ganitong feature. The move from Apple is still huge with this upgrade! Android devices have supported on display for years! Apple is late […]

6G is Coming Soon, But Not In Smartphones

5G networks are a blessing in the Philippines. 5G upgraded the quality of video calls, minimized waiting times for webpages, reduced latency in games like the ever-popular Mobile legends, and sped uploading times for videos on Youtube. However, as with all technology, it’s bound to reach its limit within a few years and will be […]

Sony Promises to Make More PS5s

CEO Jim Ryan says the company will increase the production of PS5 to meet customer demands. The company was only able to sell 2 million units in the last quarter. Sales for PS5 were weaker compared to PS4, the latter over numbering it by 3.4 million units. The main reason for the PS5’s fewer sales […]

Qualcomm X Fossil Brings You Premium Smartwatches

Qualcomm has partnered up with Fossil to bring you the newest and next-generation of smartwatches.  Fossil has been making smartwatches since 2016, with Gen 2 as their very first ever Android wearable. Although a few brands have smartwatches with metal bands, none come close to the premium feels that a Fossil watch gives, although they […]

Realme Pad X Specs Leaked Before Launch

The Realme Pad X is yet to show its specs but leakers have revealed what we can expect from the second tablet from the company. It was just a few weeks ago that the company released their first (among the many that we will expect to be coming soon) ever tablet, and they’re releasing another […]

MSI OPTIX G241 144Hz Gaming Monitor Naka Sale na!

The time has come to up your game and experience high refresh rate! Mas affordable na ang monitor na eto compared sa original price niya. The promo will run May 1 up to June 30 2022. Maganda ang opportunity na eto to purchase a quality gaming monitor! MSI OPTIX G241 is it a good gaming […]

Huawei Nova 10, Nova 10 Pro Leaks

Huawei is releasing a 5G version of the Nova 10 series and is set to release anytime in June of this year. A weibo leaker has revealed some key details about the latest Nova phones from Huawei. According to leaker, the Huawei Nova 10 is going to run on a Snapdragon 778G chipset, while the […]

Huawei: Mate Xs 2 foldable phone is coming!

The Huawei Mate Xs 2 foldable is coming soon in the Philippines. Hindi pa sure ang exact date of release sa bansa natin pero this should come soon! This is one of the most anticipated foldable smartphones this year dahil premium talaga ang gawa ng Huawei when it comes to their smartphones. We can expect […]

Snapdragon 8 Gen Plus 1 Reveal, Shows Huge Improvements Over Predecessor

Qualcomm has officially revealed the new Snapdragon 8 Gen Plus 1. The new chipset promises to deliver a boosted performance in comparison to the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. While most phones equipped with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 has a ton of attractive features that will cater to both gamers and non-gamers alike, one of […]

Facebook Game ‘Your Profile, Your Home’ Helps You Choose

–your preferences. It’s Facebook’s latest way of letting users adjust their preferences when it comes to privacy, ads, and sharing. The game can be accessed here: It’s a fun little game for Facebook users to learn about how Facebook protects their data, and it gives people an idea by representing privacy settings as customizable […]

SONY WH-1000XM5 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

Sony always made sure their products appeal to the audiophile community, and they’re at it again with their newest product, the Sony WH-1000XM5. The product retails for PHP20,999, which is the closest we’ll get to the official US pricing of USD400.00. The SONY WH-1000XM5 (that’s a mouthful for a name, it’s SONY’s trademark) is a […]