Universal Music Group and TikTok enter new music licensing agreement

Universal Music Group (UMG) and TikTok have struck a new, “multi-dimensional” licensing agreement, bringing UMG’s vast music catalog back to the popular platform. This deal promises significant benefits for artists, songwriters, and labels. Focus on Artist Success and Fair Compensation Both companies share a commitment to empowering artists. UMG artists will have renewed opportunities to reach new audiences and achieve commercial […]

TikTok gets closer to being banned in the US through a package

A foreign aid package is fast tracking the banning of TikTok in the US. So, what’s the company’s counter to this? TikTok must haste because a foreign aid package is fast tracking the decision from lawmakers. The US government is against the platform due to security concerns, despite the company’s transparency of its data management. […]

Utah Takes Legal Action Against TikTok Over Child Safety Concerns

Following Montana’s legal action, TikTok is once again facing scrutiny, this time from the state of Utah. Utah has taken a legal stance against the platform, alleging that it not only deceives users about its safety measures but also encourages harmful social media habits among children. While Utah is not the first state to take […]

TikTok now integrates ads into search results

TikTok is integrating advertisements into search results after an update, aligning its approach with competitors like Instagram The ad selection will be influenced by users’ previous searches and activities on TikTok, meaning the advertising content may become more targeted and specific to individual preferences. The user experience will remain uninterrupted, even when clicking on a sponsored post, […]

Get paid $100 per hour to Watch TikTok!

If you are always on TikTok, this might finally be your time to shine and make money out of it. With this company called Ubiquitous, you can get paid $100 per hour to do what you love most—scroll through endless TikTok videos! According to CNN, Ubiquitous is on a mission to unravel the mysteries of […]

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